Long distance marriage: Why my wife and i live separately – OC Ukeje

OC who tied the knot last November to Ibukunoluwa Togonu-Bickersteth
at a ceremony in Lagos, has lived separately from his wife since they
got married. With wife based in Canada & him based in Nigeria, they
have what you would call a long distance marriage and in a recent
interview with HIP TV, he sheds light on why they have chosen to this.

He explained,

(It’s) purely circumstantial and the reason I say this is
because I think that for every upwardly mobile person or people at some
point in your life you are going to have to deal with distance with
your partner. Whether at the upstart of a relationship or in the middle
or somewhere much later you will experience it. So I know it is a shock
for people to say that you get married and that you start doing long
distance. First of all because of our work choices, and our current
positions as far as work is concerned. So it benefits us both for now to
be where we are, and then over the next couple of months, and months
can vary. It will begin to add up and then how to unify household will
come in play


Movie Review: ‘Burning Bridges’ Is it okay for your husband to have a female best friend?


A while back, an Anonymous commenter (HERE) asked me to review 'Burning Bridges'....

So this week, I saw a 2hours, 39minutes long Nigerian's not that I haven't seen longer movies (Rita Dominic's The Meeting  was almost three hours long but it was fun)  however, this was one was sooooo long and to worsen matters, the movie didn't even end well, they had write what happened to the characters at the end...after all the almost 3hours spent, really?!

Starring: Ivie Okujaye, Esther Audu, Ken Erics



Rose and Louis (Ivie Okujaye & Ken
Erics) were in love and about to be married. He was a few years older
but after two months of meeting each other, he popped the question. 

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