Two Conjoined Twins Fall in Love with the Same Man

The 46-year-old conjoined twins Ganga and Jamuna Mondal popularly
known as the spider sisters due to their appearance, have found love
even when hope seems lost and are happy to be in love. In the case of
these sisters, they have been single all their lives and suffered years
of rejection — not just from romantic relationships with men, but from
society in general — simply because of their unusual appearance.

The groom, Jasimuddin Ahmad who is a 36-year-old part time sound
engineer said it was love at first sight when he saw the conjoined
sisters. He fell in love straight from his heart and so did the twins.

The couple have been so happy since they came into each other’s lives and they hope to spend the rest of their lives together.  Barcroft Media has
produced a 3-minute profile of the two sisters and how they have
finally found love — with the same man. According to the conjoined
sisters, they say they are happier than ever after a chance encounter
with kind-hearted Jasimuddin Ahmad.

Watch their short romantic love life video below!


Woman bites off, swallows neighbour’s br3st during fight (photo)

A mother of four children, Mrs Adelowo Taiwo, has accused her
neighbour, Mrs Bola Olowolagba, mother of three kids, of biting off and
swallowing her Tip during a fight.

The fight allegedly ensued during an argument about the dirty state of their compound in Shasha, Lagos State.

The incident happened at their compound located at I6, Oduduwa Crescent in Shasha, a suburb of of Lagos where they reside.

to Taiwo, trouble started after Bola held a party and littered the
whole compound but refused to clean up the compound when told to do so.

Taiwo said she packed all the dirty remnants in a corner and swept the compound.

She said when Bola’s husband saw her while sweeping, he informed Bola who came out from their...

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