Nigerian Couple Hold Fastest Wedding Ever In Sixty Seconds At Lagos Beach (photos)

Oh wow, this has got to be Nigeria’s craziest wedding!

According to Wedding In, Ronke and Lawson broke all the rules when they got married some weekends ago.

It was indeed a unique Nigerian Wedding!
These two crazy people fell in love, decided to get married without
the usual pomp and pageantry associated with weddings in Nigeria.

The event held at a beach in Lagos on a warm Sunday afternoon and
there were only 8 people in attendance (the photographer) included.
They exchanged their vows (very apt ones if you ask me) and also exchanged totems (not wedding rings).
His totem for her was a Golden Neck piece!
And her token for him was a pair of socks.

The event was over in minutes and they were ‘husband and wife’.
Now they are happily married yet their purses didn’t bleed much in the process.


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