Aww, couple mark 15th wedding anniversary in cute way (photos)

Adenike and Olukunle recently marked their 15th #weddinganniversary in a special way.
walked the aisle with their kids as their little brides and their
friends (who are also married) as their bridal train…Too cute.

Their love story (as told by Nike):
It was January 1995. I was a new student on the block at Federal
Polytechnic Offa, Kwara State. Standing right in front of the
administrative department building aka LR GBANGBA with my friends, when
he walked up to me daringly yet confidently and asked for my name.

Blushingly, I told him my name. At that moment, I was racing with
thoughts and had no doubts he was one of those boys who like to toast
with new student on the block.

Afterwards, my friends started talking  about him and his
brother……the most popular boys at school. That I was lucky he came to
talk to me. That scared me even more. So, I refused him the first time
he asked me out. With his persistence and gentility, his request I
couldn’t refuse, by the way, it took me three months before I could 
accept,…and the rest is story today.

One evening, on January 2000 after his mom’s funeral, he came to
visit me. We were talking, then he looked at me and said “I’m going to
marry you”. Although it wasn’t a question, I answered ‘yes’ as if it

Today, we are blessed with three beautiful daughters.

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