Tope Alabi, the prophecy she got at age 7 and her love for expensive hairstyles

Tope Alabi
Popular gospel singer, Tope Alabi, in a new interview with punch newspaper talks about her style….See more below:

Has it always been your desire to become a singer?

Not at all, my childhood dream was to become an actress and a fashion
designer but as God would have it, here I am today, a minister of the
gospel through music.

Why did you choose gospel music?

I chose gospel music, not as a personal decision – it was
prophetically inclined. My mother told me that a prophecy came through a
man of God, when I was just seven years old, that I was going to become
a great minister of God and because I was a Catholic then, my mother
thought I was going to become a sister in the convent. But along the
line, I had a personal call from God in 1999. Before then, I usually
dreamt about ministering to people, that was how I started, before I
finally released my first album in 2001.


Has this then influenced your style?

Actually, it has always been a habit of mine to look good since I was
a child. I loved to stand out among my peers. I always strived to look
different even when my parents could not afford so many luxuries. With
the little they could afford for me, I always matched my clothes in a
way that would make me look perfect.

Why do you like native attire?

I am an African woman, a Nigerian to be precise. I was born into the
Yoruba tribe and my native attire speaks for me. It also makes me look

Do you follow or create trends?

I create trends. I develop my own styles because what I wear should
be a reflection of who I am and not to follow a trend. My fashion
designer doesn’t choose my styles for me, I draw them out myself and
then she designs as drawn by me. I believe in wearing something I feel
good in.

What is your opinion on people that bleach their skin?

For me, it is uncalled for because healthwise, it causes so many
damage to the body such as skin cancer, irritations and so on. It is not
fashionable. We all are ‘fearfully and wonderfully’ made by God, He
already made us beautiful; all we need to do is to take proper care of
our skin. Don’t let us forget that most of these bleaching creams are
made with toxic chemicals which are dangerous to our skin both
internally and externally.

If you are given the opportunity to enhance your body, what part would you want to alter?

I don’t think I have any one in particular because I am beautiful the way I am and my husband appreciates me.

Which part of your body do you consider as an asset?

My main asset is my hair, that’s why I make sure my hair looks good
at all times. When it comes to my husband, I love him on casual wears
like shorts and T-shirts.

How much does it cost you to make your hair?

It depends on my mood. Most times, I go for something expensive and I
sit at the salon for long to make my hair but there are times when I
decide to go for something simple that won’t take very long. I visit the
salon every week due to the nature of what I do. I go for ministrations
every week and I always want to look good.

What is your take on ladies that barb their hair?

It’s a personal choice, some do it because they just want to be free.
To some, it is because they don’t have a long hair and they got tired
of it. As for me, I value my hair so much because my husband loves it.

How much can you be offered to go bald?

I am not desperate. I’m a minister of God, so I can’t do such a thing.

Do you often feel incomplete whenever you do not apply make-up?

I am beautiful naturally but I go for simple makeups at times to enhance my beauty.

What is your disposition towards tattoo?

To me, it is wrong.

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Have you ever considered getting one?

I can never have it. It is wrong biblically. The Bible warns against tattoos in Leviticus 19:28.

But some people think it is fashionable…

No, to me, it’s crazy, it is like buying a new car and scratching it
all over with a sharp object, what do you think it will look like at the
end? Absolute deformity.

What influences your fashion statement?

My creativity.

Is there any item you can’t leave home without?

Yes. I cannot leave home without my bag. I love bags and as the
saying goes, we can judge the taste of a woman by her hand bag. Bags and
shoes are some of the most expensive items I own. I like going out with
matching shoes and bags.

What clothes best suit you?

English styles made with native fabrics – it makes me look unique.

What is your view on ladies who wear skimpy and revealing clothes?

It is unethical and also Biblically wrong because the Bible describes
the body as the temple of the Lord and it shouldn’t be defiled. There’s
no dignity for a lady going about half naked. It could even expose such
ladies to some hazards like rape. It is not fashion at all but wearing
what makes you comfortable is the best.

Why do you always use headgear?

It’s my style of dressing when I go for ministrations but I don’t use
them all the time. It depends on the kind of dress I am wearing anyway.

How many scarves do you have?

I can’t count because they are so many. I have different styles and
colours and because I travel to so many places, I always love to emulate
their styles of dressing.

What is your trademark when it comes to fashion?

It’s my ‘gele;’ most times I wear it on English dresses.

How do you maintain your youthful looks?

Having a youthful look is a grace from God, some don’t have money but
they still look good. I believe you can maintain yourself with the
little you have by eating good food, through regular exercise and taking
adequate water. Anyone God calls, He makes them look good just to fit
into His work.

Do you also love hats?

I don’t really love hats and I hardly wear them.

Can you share some fashion errors you have made?

I can’t remember because even when I don’t have money, I always look good.

What item in your wardrobe do you wear the most?

I have so many, I don’t really think anyone has a reference because everything I wear looks good on me.

What is the oldest item in your closet?

I think I still have some ankara that are over 20 years old and some
funny looking clothes too. I don’t wear them, I only show them to my
children to make them laugh. When you compare your old life to your
present one, you give thanks to God.

How often do you patronise Nigerian fashion designers?

Most of what I wear are native attire and are all Nigerian made. I
make my wears every two weeks because of the nature of my profession in
the sense that I’m virtually engaged every week.

Some believe it is not classy to wear locally made clothes…

That is a wrong way to think. When you look around in our present
world, Nigerian brands have been much embraced. Recently, I was reading a
foreign magazine and I saw the First Lady of the United States of
America – Mitchell Obama, wearing an ankara high waist skirt which is a
Nigerian brand. These days, you find men and women wearing jackets,
suits, trousers, etc., made with ankara fabrics. Also, it is all about
self confidence and ability to define what you are wearing.

Have you ever considered exploring other parts of the entertainment sector?

Yes, I’ve featured in some gospel movies like Silent Cry by the Mount Zion films. I also have my own movie, Atijo.

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