Movie Review: All rape victims, rapists should watch “Code of Silence”

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Yea, I know I have not reviewed any movie in three weeks now, I deeply apologize. It’s not as if I have not been seeing these movies but the the few ones I saw in recent times were so poor and not worth reviewing…I even tried reviewing one of them last week but if I had, I would have been so mean.

Well, I finally got to see an ah-mazing one – Code of Silence – this week and oh wow, you should too.

Cast: Ini Edo, Patience Ozorkwor, Desmond Elliot, Omoni Oboli, Amaechi Muonagor, Shawn Faqua, Makida Moka

‘Code of Silence’ was produced and directed by Emem Isong. Assistant Director was Chris Eneaji. Story and original screenplay was by Bola Aduwo, who was also Associate Producer on the project.  Additional screenplay was by Kehinde Joseph.

It is a gritty tale of a young girl, Adanma (Makida Moka) who was gang-raped by
two men one night while coming home from school. This singular act is
the catalyst that triggers a number of catastrophic events in the film;
One of the rapists is a prominent politician in the state and the other
his aide.   As a result, Adanma’s family being of humble origins, are
afraid to report the matter to the relevant authorities citing the
excuse that rape is considered a taboo in society and it will make her
undesirable for marriage.

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The acting was so on point, all the characters interpreted their roles well.

From Amaechi Muonagor, to Shawn Faqua to Patience Ozowor and the new girl, Makida Moka, ah loved them all. Oh by the way, the guy that played the role of Adanma’s boo was really cute……..

The movie had hilarious scenes, emptional scenes, action and the storyline was real.

Rape is something that happensall around us, we read it on the blogs, newspapers…there’s always that uncle in our neighborhood, school, community, family that derives joy in raping young girls and it’s sad that many of them escape being brought to book because of the fear they instill into the rape victims with their threats.

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Thank God, Adanma spoke out and her family (mum, and brother) ensured that the politician that carried out the despicable act was brought to book and given the punishment he deserved.

Moral lesson: Have you ever been raped? Don’t keep quiet, speak so that the criminal can be punished and stopped from raping others. You don’t have to be ashamed, that you have been raped doesn’t mean you can not succeed in life or marry a decent husband.

You can watch the movie now on IROKO TV.


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