Aww, this love story between this Nigerian Evangelist and Ghanaian bae is beautiful


Ellis and Priscilla at their white wedding
Just found this beautiful love story between Nigerian/Ghanaian couple, Ellis Enobun  & Priscilla Asafo-Asamoah.
According to Wedding In, the lovebirds who love to be addressed as the modern day ‘Adam and Eve’ met in 2012 and today they can’t do without each other. 

Four things stood out in their ah-mazing love story:

Faith:  Nigerian Ellis Enobun who is an Evangelist bought his ring a year before he met Priscilla.

Christ:  Priscilla fell in love with the way Ellis loved Christ.

Meal:  Priscilla introduced Ellis into her delicious Ghanaian meals which won his heart

Proposal: Ellis’ mum helped him in proposing to Priscilla, he stuttered all through the proposal.

How they met:
We met through a mutual friend who was my course mate. We got talking
and I realized he was a young Evangelist and we shared similar childhood
experiences, which resulted in us calling ourselves “TWEENY” on a
friendly note. Initially there was no interest but I was intrigued by
his passion for preaching the gospel even as a Lawyer.

Towards the middle of 2012 our communication became consistent. His
charisma and confidence swept me off my feet and I started developing
feelings for him, but was too shy to communicate it to him as his main
focus was Ministry and Studies.

As an expression of my feelings for him, not knowing how he felt
towards me, I extended an invite to him and his friends to come over to
my flat regularly to have dinner, and boy! oh boy! did I cook them some
exquisite Ghanaian dishes, which interestingly he loved as it was his
first time eating Ghanaian meals.

Our bond grew stronger and Ellis became my source of encouragement
when I was going through some difficult times. Through all these
wonderful times, I knew he will be my soul mate. We have been together
since that day.

The Proposal
I visited Ellis and his family in Nigeria in March 2013. One evening at
the family house, he called me and told me his mom and himself wanted to
have a chat with me.

I was nervous because I didn’t know what to expect. I sat there
contemplating why the sudden call. Ellis’s mum beckon on him to talk. He
started stuttering, and I was even more confused. His mum, laughing at
him decided to tell me why I was called.

Since this was Ellis’ first relationship, he just didn’t know how to
ask me to marry him. As his mum was speaking I noticed he was sweating
profusely. Suddenly, in a blink of an eye, he summed up courage, got on
his knees in the presence of his mum to ask me to be his wife. I was in
shock and could not believe this. I was in tears whiles saying “YES YES

I immediately got hold of my phone and in tears called my dad in
Ghana to tell him of what just happened. My dad was ecstatic and I later
got to know he was in on the plans, as Ellis and my dad had earlier met
in London to discuss.

I also found out later, that Ellis purchased a ring a year before
meeting me in Leicester and somehow had faith that he will meet his
future wife soon.It was the beginning of one of the most amazing days in
my life and I bless God.

Love so beautiful!


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