So, is Femi Jacobs dating Rita Dominic?

rita dominic femi jacobs dating
Late last year, Rita Dominic confirmed being in a relationship.
“Love is
jumping when your partner’s favorite club scores a goal…I feel grateful, thankful and excited
as well. Not many have the opportunity to get to this number and for the most
part, I have had a good life. Yes I am dating someone and I am in a happy
place. I’m good.” she told Blanck magazine, she however refused to disclose who!

Femi and Rita on movie set

Fast forward to a few months ago, a top industry source told KFB that Rita and Femi Jacobs (they both played lead roles in the ‘Meeting’ movie’) were having an affair but we did not pay attention to it cos we did not believe it.

Femi and Rita on movie set

Anyways, last week in our movie review (HERE),
we suggested that Rita Dominic and Joseph Benjamin would make a perfect
couple  but shortly after the post was up, another industry source mocked the headline,
and claimed that Rita ain’t single as she is in a serious relationship
with Femi Jacobs.

“They are dating for real but still keeping it under wraps…they started as friends after the meeting movie and it became serious afterwards” the source claimed.
We decided to reach out to both parties (especially Femi Jacobs) but they did not confirm or deny the claims, they chose to keep mum and ignore our enquiries.
Oh by the way, in a recent interview with Encomium magazine, Femi Jacobs when asked to talk about his love life said “I don’t want to talk about that yet.”
Peradventure it turns out they are dating, then you read it here first 😉 and if otherwise, oh well, nothing lost.


Actor Emeka Ike’s Wife files for divorce over constant beating

EmmaNollywood actor Emeka Ike‘s
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She reportedly told a customary court, “It was when
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emeka ike children
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