Notorious killer, vampire arrested in Imo state

28-year-old Henry Chibueze, a notorious kidnapper popularly known as “Vampire” has been arrested.
He was detailed to kidnap the tribunal Judges lodged at Disney Hotels, along Onitsha-Owerri Road but security operatives acting of a tip-off tracked him down.

He escaped but not without a couple of bullets deposited in his body. He was later arrested at the house of his elder brother’s wife, where he had gone to get treatment.

Owning up to his many crimes, he revealed how he operates in many parts of Nigeria, Cotonou and Abijan, where his family lives.

He said his wife, a Cameroonian, believes he is a clothes dealer. He confessed to many high profile kidnapping and in most cases, assassination of the victims, if they prove “stubborn”.

He said he killed his girlfriend in Lagos, alongside her family, which includes her parents and siblings, because the girlfriend, whom he opened a supermarket in Aba, made away with his money, a token of N45m.

He was arrested alongside Hakeem Bello from Kwara state. Hakeem absconded from the Nigerian Army.

He fled from Boko Haram and has been providing cover for Vampire with his Army Identity card.

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Kemisola Adeyemi

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  1. This heartless demon killed my brother sopuluchukwu. He was kidnapped on the same day the commissioner was killed. And was shot 5 times when we couldn't meet up to their steep demands. He managed to survive for a few days and told us all about this monster, finally sopulu has some justice. Please help me let's file petition for his death cause this animal doesn't deserve a cage.

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