My Wife gives me Permission to Sleep with Church Members – Pastor confesses

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was middle of the night, Emeka Nwoji had this burning, uncontrollable urge to
make love to his dear wife. The thoughts that filled his mind that very cold
and lonely night were graphic and mentally he was plotting how to make love to
the angel of his life in every vital and dangerous position he could think of. He
wanted her totally satiated but still panting for more. Then suddenly he
remembered they had had a little quarrel in the evening over the remote and the
TV channel to switch to.
had lived with his wife for 12 years. He knew that getting her to forget the
quarrel and accommodate his sexual needs would be a near impossible mission. As
a sharp guy, he tried the use of body language. He stood up from the bed,
stretched and groaned with desire as his eyes hungrily feasted on every contour
of his wife’s naked body lying next to him.
How badly he wanted her. At the peak of his needs, he summoned courage to beg
his wife to come to his aid.
don’t touch me. I’m tired of your insatiable sexual desires. My body aches and
I am not in the mood,” she fired at him……Continue

ready to give up so easily, Emeka continued with his pleas to his wife to allow
him to ‘do’ just once and he would not disturb her again for the night. He also
reminded her that it was part of her obligation as a wife to satisfy his sexual
needs as often as he had the urge.
enraged his wife and she shot up from the bed, accusing him of wanting to turn
her into a sex object.
need you, darling. This is supposed to be mutual. It is an act of love.”Nwoji
don’t need this type of love. I want to have a good night sleep and I will like
to be left alone sometimes. Ah-ah!!”
man continued to plead but his wife become more offended by the disturbance.
me advise you, do what other men do; get yourself a girlfriend in the church, who
will be meeting some of your sexual demands. Me, I can’t cope again oh before
you kill me.”
was shocked that even in anger his wife could say something as wicked as that.
are advising me, a man of God, a pastor, to get a girlfriend and commit
adultery just so you can sleep. Your sleep is more valuable than the anointing
of God on my head?”
have finished telling you.” Mrs. Nwoji said, hissing angrily.
was not long that just like the pre-destined step made for him by his wife, Mr.
Nwoji fell to the temptations of a seductress and had an extra-marital affair
for a while before he came back to his senses and sought forgiveness. But that
put the first nail in the coffin that would seal the marriage. Later, when the
problems were beyond what Nwoji could bear privately, he decided to narrate his
story to arbiters of justice.
was as if I fell to an already made trap, because my depression really took the
better part of me and made me vulnerable to all sorts of atrocities. I went
astray and had an affair with a lady in the church. The relationship helped me
ease the stress of the rejection that I suffered in the hands of my wife. The
woman gave me sex, just the way I wanted it. But my conscience was always
pricking me. So we only lasted for a while.
I came back to my senses, I felt very remorseful about my adulterous life. I
called my wife and in the presence of my father, I confessed my waywardness to
her and prayed for her forgiveness. She nodded and said that she had forgiven
me, but deep inside her heart she did not. I was certain that she could do
anything to hurt me.
to my confession, I had been having setbacks in my business. So I gathered up
the little money I had, borrowed from friends and set up a booming business for
Nwoji said he had thought that his wife’s attitude towards him would improve
with time and she would become a dotting wife but he was mistaken.
that incident, we could hardly sit to chat, play or discuss. Our sex life was
also suffering; we practically made love only whenever we were ready to make
babies. Aside that, I would sleep facing the walls.
was broke but my wife refused to care for my needs out of the proceeds of the
business that I set up for her. She left me to die in hunger.
became so obstinate and maintained that she wanted the marriage severed. I
called virtually all my family members to intervene and broker peace between
us, all to no avail. She was insisting that the marriage was better dissolved
so we could go our separate ways. She maintained that there was nothing between
us anymore.
the fruitless meetings with my family members, I decided to leave the house for
her. So early one morning, I packed my bags and made my leave. But before I
left, I spoke to her in a very soft and gentle manner trying to make her change
her mind, but my pleas fell on deaf ears. I left the house in tears and with a
shattered heart,” he narrated.
a former pastor who caught his first teeth of pastoral services with the well-known
Assemblies of God Church, Olodi Apapa before moving on to establish the now sealed
Glory of God ministries, he was ready to make his marriage work but kept
meeting brick walls.
Nwoji narrated that after he left his wife, God had mercy on him and he met and
married another woman, a good woman who cherished him. He said that together he
and his new wife started rebuilding their lives. He was therefore surprised to
start getting threats from his ex-wife.
ex-wife went on to start spreading tales to whosoever cared to listen that Nwoji
was deeply involved in rituals which made him super rich few years after their
that note, the worried but happily re-married man had to seek an avenue to redress
the matter.
ex-pastor also recalled that the TV remote drama wasn’t the real genesis of his
marital woes.
said they kicked off their marital bliss on a good note just like every other
happily married couple until they had their first child.
met my wife in 1993 when I was still worshipping with Assemblies of God church
Olodi Apapa were I was later made a pastor. We dated for a while and finally
got married in 1998 in her home town Mbano, Imo State. We were living in peace
and harmony. I entrusted all my financial assets to her. She was even the
signatory to my account, that is to show you how much love and trust and I once
had for her. Her true self was unmasked when her nephew was brought in to live
with us. She was displaying a callous attitude towards the little boy and I was
protesting, she took offence and it caused a serious fight between us and that
was the first time I laid my hands on her. That fight stirred up lots of
unsettled dust, she pin-pointed on it to do all sorts of mischief but I
condoned it all, blaming myself for my inability to tame my anger.”
Mr. Nwoji’s ex-wife, has since been served court orders never to harass or embarrass
Emeka and his new wife or face the consequences.



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