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KFB Movie: You love music, then you’ll enjoy Knocking on Heaven’s Door

Hawt couple! He plays the keyboard, she sings…they are both in choir plus he is a fine boy and she is a fine girl!

It is 2014 movie but I only got to watch it recently, thanks to Irokotv, you all should check out that movie site 🙂
So did I love the movie?
Ah! Yes I totally did

Starring: Majid Michel, Adesua Etomi, Blossom Chukwujekwu, Ini Edo, Majid Michel.

Directed by Desmond Elliot

Knocking on Heaven’s Door was produced by Royal Arts Academy, it
tells the story of a musically talented young woman, Debbie (Adesua Etomi) and church goer
married to an insecure and selfish brutish man Moses, (Blossom Chukwujekwu).
She is the envy of many. Debbie, however, harbours a dark secret that
she tries to keep within the confines of her perfect world; she is being
physically and emotionally abused by Moses and the strain of it
threatens to break her.

Tom (Majid Michel) was the music
producer who saw through Debbie’s façade. He was impressed with her
talent but also sensed her pain. He developed a personal interest in her
and worked on her record deal.  

Instead of the music producer being
the typical snake in the grass, it was Brenda (Ini Edo), who was a slick
journalist with an agenda. Brenda had a history with Moses and as she
conspired to get him in her life, she got her hands on some information
that she used to make it happen. 

What I love about the movie:

The story line was on point! This movie is a cross between a
musical and a domestic abuse drama. There were quite a few singing
performances in between the violent marriage of Debbie and Moses especially the infusion of the domestic abuse scenes into the first scene where Debby was rendering “There is power in the name of Jesus’ in church….that was so cool! 

Funny enough, despite the domestic violence, I was rooting for Moses cos he was so likeable but he did the height when he ruined all of her belongings to
undermine her meeting with the music executives. 

I have never seen Adesua Etomi in any movie but her acting in this movie is impressive especially the scene where she was fantasizing about how to harm Moses, oh boy, i love her already!

The movie displayed the vicious cycle
of domestic abuse and the abusers need to control. As one spouse
continuously forgives, the other continues to strike. 

 Blossom is beginning to make his way into my list of favorite actors, he interprets his roles well in movies

Majid oh Majid! That fine man is slowly taking over from our main Nigerian
characters. He is damn goood. I particularly loved the scene where he poured out his heart to Debby…I could feel his hurt!

I also loved the scene where he played the good Samaritan for Debby after Moses left her stranded by the road side, hilarious scene.

Ini Edo was cool too but someone else could have played that role!

Everything would have been perfect but I just have to point out some errors, when Debby said “I would go to bed alive and wake up dead”! , wake up dead ke, how is that even possible?!

Oh remember i told you it’s a musical movie…in some of the scenes the lip syncing didn’t exactly turn out well!

And finally, all through the two hours movie, she carried just two hairstyles, for real?!

Have you seen the movie, what do you think of it?

Tireni Adebayo

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