KFB Food lessons: Draw Soup recipe (Ogbono & Okra Combo)

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Have you ever wondered what combining the two most popular viscous Nigerian soups i.e okra & ogbono would
result in? Of course this is no brainer as the answer is so obviously
draw soup.
The name originates from the thick and viscous nature of the
combination of both soups. 

This makes it great when taken with meal
accompaniments such as Agidi/eko or swallow especially Nni oka.

preparing draw soup, you can decide on the ingredient you want more of.
If you want to see more of okra in the soup, increase the quantity of
okra listed below and if you want to see more of ogbono in the soup,
simply use the ingredients listed below as it is.

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•1 kilo Beef meat(Cut into chunks) 
• Assorted Meat : Sharki, pomo, intestine – Optional
• 4 seasoning cubes
•1 small stock fish
•3 cooking spoons palmoil
•1/2 Cup Ogbono, Ground
•1 cooking spoon Crayfish, Ground
• 3 small Ogiri Okpei (dissolved in water) – Optional
•7 medium sized okra – grated/ chopped
•Pumpkin leaves “Ugwu”, chopped – as needed
•Pepper & Salt  to taste

Step 1: The first step is to prepare the soup stock.
the Stock fish in hot water for 10 mins and rinse with cold water.
Shred it with your fingers and set aside. Place the chunks of beef in a
medium sized pot, add the seasoning (crushed), salt to taste and water.
Cook for about 20minutes till tender. Add the shredded stock fish and
leave to cook for another 10 mins. Set this aside.

Step 2: In
an empty pot, pour in the palm oil and add the ground ogbono. On medium
heat, start to stir the mixture till the ogbono added to it dissolves.
This should take about 10 minutes. Once it dissolves, pour in the meat
and fish stock, add the crayfish and ogiri, stir and leave to cook for
about 15 mins till it thickens and starts to draw.

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Step 3: At this point, add the grated okra and chopped pumpkin leaves, stir and leave to cook for about 5-7minutes.

Step 4: Turn off the burner and serve with your favorite swallow .

Kitchen Notes:
• When cooking this soup, it’s best to use a wooden spoon. This prevents it from burning while cooking.

Ogiri is another flavor enhancer especially “Ogiri okpei (looks like
small stones )” or “Dawadawa (Looks Flat)” which is used mainly for this
soup. If you don’t have it around, you could skip adding it.


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