He is from Buhari’s hometown, Daura + all you should know about the president’s new Personal Assistant (photos)

Well a lot of questions have been flying high about the supposed new handsome personal assistant to the president of Nigeria, Sabi’u Tunde.

Most questions ranging from his age to the authenticity of the news itself.

Well for those who are drooling on the good looking lad, here are a
few things you should add to the list of things you’re drooling over.

1. He’s an introvert.

2. He studied at Bayero University, Kano.

3. He’s an entrepreneur

4. Until this alleged appointment, he worked at Gyada United PLC as a Chief Executive Officer

5. He’s from Daura

6. He’s a self proclaimed humble man who believes in CHANGE [played his cards right, didn’t he?]

7. He’s a huge fan of the president [his entire Facebook is practically dedicated to him]

8. He’s a dedicated muslim.

9. We really do not know his actual age

10. The best part, He’s single [again, according to his Facebook page]


The conversation between Olusegun Obasanjo and his daughter, Iyabo that we never got to read about…

Former President Olusegun Obasanjo, revealed in his autobiography
that his eldest daughter, Iyabo, told him he was going to die in office
and she would not weep for him, if it happens.

He said this was Iyabo’s reaction when he informed her and three of
his other children about his intention to contest the 1999 Presidential

Obasanjo said this in his highly contentious book, My Watch, which was released last year.

He wrote that after Iyabo made the statement, he replied saying that
her tears would not mean anything to him since he would not be there to
appreciate it.

The meeting with the four children, Obasanjo says was held in New York.

He wrote: “My mind was almost made up (to vie for the position of
President) but I had to consult with my children....

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