Did you know there’s a Nigerian town that murders Albinos?

Last time this news report was done, it was in Tanzania. Now apparently there is a town in Nigeria where albinos are actually killed according to reports.

New Telegraph reports that Ibule-Soro is a town in Ifedore Local Government Area of
Ondo State. The town which literally means ‘turning land to wealth’ is
reputed to have good palm wine.

However, Ibule-Soro is a no-go-area for
‘Albinos’ as they would die on getting to the town, located very close
to the state capital.

Babatunde Okeowo who was in the town reports that
Jooro, a river goddess in the town abhors men and women of light skin.

In Ibule-Soro in Ifedore local government area of Ondo State,
everybody is welcome to the agrarian community where the best palm wine
is sold in the state as long as you are not albino; the river goddess in
the town forbids it. Apart from the fact that an albino cannot enter
the town, no indigene of the town has ever given birth to one.

In fact, a
source in the town said Jooro, the river goddess in the town kills any
albino given birth to by any indigene of the town wherever they may be

A visit to the town by the New Telegraph showed there was no single
resident of the town that is albino or even someone that is
‘excessively’ light in complexion. For many people living in Akure, who
delight in taking palm wine, the nearest place to get good palm wine and
bush meat is Ibule-Soro, as top government functionaries and political
office holders usually trooped to the town to enjoy the undiluted palm

For those who because of their tight schedule could not visit the
town, they usually send their drivers or trusted aides to get it for
them. However, the town, which has remained without a monarch since 2008
when the last occupant joined his ancestors, welcomes everybody to the
town and is ready to host you provided you are not an albino.

The highest ranking chief in the town, Chief Isaac Olawale Adegboye,
the Oluoye of Ibule-Soro, said the people are hospitable to people but
not to albino because of Jooro River which usually kill albino who come
near to the town.

Adegboye, who spoke with New Telegraph alongside the
Priest of the River, Chief James Jayeoba, said the present residents of
the town should not be blamed for the taboo as the history of the town
predated many of them. His words: “We have a river called Jooro. The
river does not see albino, if an albino comes to the town, the river
will trace him and will kill him.

If the albino comes around the town, the river will get angry and
flood everywhere until the albino is killed. “The river will not only
kill the albino, it would kill the people in sight and destroy
properties. Our forefathers told us that if you bring albino near the
town, the River will turn to beach and wash away all the inhabitants of
the town.”

According to him, apart from albino, the river does not allow bead
near it. “You don’t get near Jooro with bead,” he said, adding that only
the priest could wear bead to the river. When asked what actually led
to the River goddess forbidding albinos, the Priest said he was not told
about it, but that it is a tradition handed down from generations past.
He informed that the river which is worshipped yearly by adherents,
takes pigeon and kolanut, and that it is also prevents calamities from
befalling the town. His words: “The River is useful for the indigenes
and non-indigenes alike.

It has curative power; it gives children to the barren, heal the sick
and promotes the indigenes of the town wherever they are. “If any
fetish object is being brought to the town, the river would render it
impotent. You can’t also take any fetish object outside the town because
the river goddess forbids it.”

Besides the river also play a role in the installation and burial of a
monarch in the town. Chief Jayeoba said they usually mixed the power
used for the installation and once he dies, it is the water from the
river that would be used to watch the remains. Chief Adegboye said they
were hoping to have a new monarch one day and that normalcy would soon
return once a new monarch emerges.

His words: “The monarch of the town died in 2008, but we cannot get
one because we are waiting for the government’s approval. The government
must approve warrant chiefs to replace the chiefs that died. We have
six kingmakers but four have died, reaming two. We have written to the
government to appoint four warrant chiefs for us.”


Pastors engage in embarrassing fight in Enugu church

Two pastors and their loyalists engaged themselves in fistfight at Mount Street Parish of Assemblies of God Church, yesterday.

The church was turned into a battle field, yesterday morning, as two pastors and their supporters fought over who should take control of the parish.

Apparently there has been an ongoing crisis of the church in terms.
Two persons, Professor Paul Emeka and Dr. Chidi Okoroafor, each lay
claims to the leadership of the church, a position known as General
Superintendent, a matter that is currently before the Supreme Court.

The drama started when one of the pastors, Rev. Nathaniel Udeze, came
with letters of posting and other court documents as part of
preparations to be installed as the new pastor at the parish.

He was promptly resisted upon arrival with his...


South African pastor who fed chuch members with live snakes has now been released


Joke Silva’s mum whom she celebrated weeks ago, passes on

Dr Mrs Abimbola Silva
This is so sad, just a few weeks back, we celebrated this beautiful woman (HERE).

Dr Marienne Abimbola Silva has died peacefully on Sunday morning in Lagos. She was 89.
Silva is the third female medical doctor in Nigeria.
Silva is survived by Biyi Silva, screen queen, Joke Silva, Bisi Silva, Jumoke Daodu and Lape Silva.
In 1979, she was honoured with the Officer of the Order of the Niger.
Dr Marienne Abimbola Silva
May her soul rest in peace, amen!

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