This is the list of the 46 Bills the senate passed in less than 10 minutes

So earlier this week, the Senate passed 46 bills in under ten minutes on Thursday.
Ever since the news was revealed, many have wondered: What were the bills that were passed?
Well, below is the list as reported by Global Village Extra:

1. Tertiary Education Trust Fund (Establishment etc) Act (Amendment), 2015.
2. Office of the Nigerian Financial Ombudsman Bill.
3. Institute of Chartered Trustees of Nigeria Bill.
4. National Convicts and Criminal Records (Registry) Bill, 2015.
5. Community Service Bill.
6. People’s Bank of Nigeria Act (Repeal) Bill.
7. Nigerian Bank for Commerce and Industry Act (Repeal).
8. National Commission for Rehabilitation Act (Repeal) Bill.
9. Maintenance Orders Act (Repeal) Bill, 2015.
10. Federal Saving Bank Act (Repeal) Bill 2015.
11. Loan (State Development) Act (Repeal), 2015.
12. Nigerians in Diaspora (Establishment) Commission, 2015.
13. Electronic Transactions Bill, 2015.
14. Chartered Institute of Statiscians of Nigeria, 2015.
15. Nigerian Metallurgical Industry Bill, 2014.
16. Federal Audit Commission Bill, 2015.
17. National Centre for Agricultural Mechanisation Act (Amendment,) Bill.
18. Nigerian International Financial Centre (Establishment, etc) Bill.
19. Investment and Securities (Amendment) Bill.
20. Nigerian Communications Satellite, Bill.
21. Federal Capital Territory Education Resources Centre (Establishment) Bill.
22. Labour Institutions (Establishment).
23. Witness Protection Programme Bill.
24. Institute of Mediators and Conciliators Bill.
25. Legal Education Act (Establishment) Bill.
26. National Health Insurance Commission Bill.
27. National Economic Intelligence Committee (Establishment) Act (Repeal) Bill.
28.Federal College Dental Technology and Therapy Bill.
29. Federal Capital Territory College of Nursing and Midwifery Bill.
30. Oaths Act (Amendment) Bill.
31. Federal Capital Territory Hospital Management Board (Establishment) Bill.
32. Passport (Miscellaneous Provisions) (Amendment) Bill.
33. Chartered Institute of Management Accounts of Nigeria.
34. Federal Capital Territory Water Board (Establishment) Bill.
35. Institute of Local Government and Public Administration Bill.
36. Whistle-blower Protection Bill.
37. Family Economic Advancement Programme (Establishment, etc) 2015.
38. Family Support Trust Fund Act (Repeal) Bill.
39. Nigerian Industrial Development Bank (Guarantee) Act (Repeal) Bill.
40. Treasury Management Bill 2015.
41. Legislative Powers and Privileges Act (Repeal and Re-Enactment) Bill.
42. Anti-Torture Bill, 2015.
43. Lobbyist (Registration and Regulation) Bill.
44. National Hospital for Women and Children, Abuja (Establishment, etc) Act (Amendment) Bill.
Nigerian Prisons Act CAP, P29 LFN 2004 (Repeal and Re-Enactment) Bill
2015 and 46. Nigerian Oil and Gas Industry Content Act 2010 (Amendment)
Bill 2015

The report further states, “the bills were introduced by the Chairman, Senate Committee on Rules and Business, Senator Ita Enang and all 46 of them had been recently passed by the lower House of Representatives. “
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