Nigerian guy finds out he has a set of twin girls in the most ridiculous way!

So this guy pictured above has just narrated how he found out he had a set of twin girls with his ex-girlfriend. Read his story as told to HumansOfLagos below:

I have two daughters (twins) I didn’t know existed
till recently. I wouldn’t have known if someone had not told me they saw
a picture of my ‘ex’ with 2 girls who looked exactly like me.

got a girl pregnant 14 years ago when I went to Abuja to spend the
holiday with my Sister. We were both teenagers and inexperienced, we
spent so much time together and one day one thing led to the other and
we had sex. It was both our first time and we didn’t
know what we were doing.

her parents found out, her senator father threatened to kill me if they
ever see me, they said they would rather abort the pregnancy than let
their daughter have a baby for someone from a poor home with no
background. Some days later she came and told me her mum took her to a
hospital and the pregnancy was terminated, I cried so much that day. She
also told me her dad was seriously looking for me to arrest me and they
asked her to say I raped her but she refused.

Apparently, they
lied to me about the abortion, there was no abortion. She was sent
abroad and she had the babies there. They are still abroad and I don’t
know if they even know about me.


Lady weds her fiance on ‘University Teaching hospital bed’ after he lost his Leg (photos)

Lusaka based young man who was two weeks ago involved in a road
accident and lost one leg before his wedding, today managed to marry his
fiancé in his hospital bed at the University Teaching Hospital against
all odds.

The couple  exchanged marriage vows in the presence of their
families, close friends and patients not by design but circumstances.

“This is an emotional time for the family because instead of the
accident breaking the couple, it has remained strong and has refused to
be defeated. I am very proud of my daughter and my son-in-law.
“Theirs is a love story that will stand the test of time,” Mrs Bowa said.

She said instead of listening to concerns from the family after the
accident, her daughter remained...


Soon-to-be Groom who attends popular Pentescostal church rapes his pupil

The teacher, who is due for wedding with his fiancée in August has however denied the accusations, claiming that he did not commit the crime he was
being accused of.

He only admitted that the girl used to play in his
room and would sleep on his rug after school hours.

Speaking with
Crime Reports, the girl, who said the suspect was a teacher in her
school as well as her after-school lesson teacher, stated: “I used to
help Mr Adetola to carry his things to his house. He used to teach me
and four others lesson after school hours.

“One day, when others
had left, he asked me to sleep on the bed and remove my pants. He
removed his boxers and raped me from the back. He...


Woman punishes husband in the most incredible way for returning late

Of all the punishments in this
world to bestow on a man for returning late, this woman chose the worst of them
all – death!

A young boy, Kefas Luca, has accused his 40-year-old mother, Mary, of beating
his father to death.

PUNCH Metro learnt that the
incident occurred in the Gonin-Gora of Chikun Local Government Area of Kaduna
State on Saturday

Trouble was said to have started after the deceased arrived home at midnight.
There was an argument between him and the wife.

It was gathered that on several occasions, Mary had warned her husband against
coming home late but the husband would not heed to her warning until that
fateful day.

But at about 3am, the unthinkable happened. According to the deceased’s first
son, Kefas,...

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