Gunmen murder Egba chief, leave incredible note in his room

Egba Chief, Moses Oyebade was on Wednesday assassinated by some unidentified gunmen.

According to reports by Punch, he was killed by his assailants while sleeping in his bedroom at about 12am on Wednesday.

The gunmen were said to have shot the 75-year-old who was alone at the time, through the window of the room.

However, what was intriguing to the police concerning the operation
is the fact that the assassins left a note behind justifying their

The note read, ‘Useless man, Onidokudo (promiscuous)’.

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Graphic photos from the fatal accident that occured along Portharcourt Expressway this morning

As narrated by an eyewitness, Mr Young Don.

On my way to Port Harcourt City through Ogoni this morning I saw this
scene. 3cars collided and an explosion has left this young man burnt
and dead.

The fire on the vehicles is still fresh and from observation
along the road it appears they were reversing to escape an arm robbery
ambush as I noticed logs and fresh leaves on the road (typical of a
robbery ambush on this Ikot Abasi - Phc Road).

I may be the first to post this because its like everybody is just driving by so please help me post it on the front page  because a wife and children or some families will be home waiting for the husband, father, brother, fiance not knowing they had been burnt trying to come home very early...


Meet the four daughters of the Oyo state Governor (photos)

Just so you know, the Oyo state governor Abiola Ajimobi and his Lebanese wife
Florence Ajimobi have four daughters - Abisola,
Abiola, Bimbo & Jibola and a son. 

Their eldest daughter Abisola is
married to Lagos big boy Kola Daisi while Ajibola got engaged a few days ago (HERE), see all their photos below:

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