A True Love Story! Nine years, three devastating breaks up and the surprise proposal – Michelle and Erezi

Fasten your seat belts kfbers, today’s True Love story is gonna be a long ride, courtesy of our couple of the week – ZeeMich (Nigerian blogger Michelle of and Heart throb, Erezi).

Our tomorrow is settled!

They have got one of the most beautiful love stories ever…talk about first love!!!

Their wedding proposal story will wow you even more!

Michelle and her prince charming, Erezi met in 2006 in UNIBEN, broke up thrice and are happily married today!

Our story as Narrated by the Groom:

I first saw her in 2006 when I was playing football outside my hostel
in Uniben off-campus. The sight of her entering the hostel caught me
off balance. And then I asked who she was. They informed me that she is
the newest tenant in the hostel. I was surprised that I never knew we
had such a beauty in the hostel. Then the mission to win her heart
began, using the “I’m interested in her friends”

To my
greatest surprise when I got to a friend’s room, where we lived as a
family, I met her again right inside the room. That was the very first
time we spoke and we introduced ourselves. After she stepped out, I had
to ask my friends who she really was, because it was obvious they knew
her. To my surprise, I was told we are from same, same tribe, same
religion. We are both from Delta state, we are both Isoko, we are both
Jehovah’s Witnesses.

I can’t wait to take this journey of forever with you

Hours fly, flowers die. New ways, new days pass by. Our love stays

I started instigating recreational activities that will involve
everyone including her, as a means of trying to get close to her. The
friendship grew closer by the day. November 2006, I decided to make the
bold move and ask her out despite my fears of being turned down, right
inside her room, without the knowledge of anyone. That is how our unique
love story began.

So there is this guy called Erezi, he holds the key to my heart

You are my first, my last and my everything

It was an extremely long journey of relationship. In 2007, we broke
up. It was painful for both of us. And at the end of the same year, we
made up. In 2008, we broke up again, and this time it was more like we
will never be together again. At the end of that same year, we got back

In 2009, she relocated to Lagos for her studies and that led
to the third breakup over irreconcilable differences. Yes, three
devastating breakups. I thought to myself, if this is actually true
love, it will always find a way. I tried my best to move on. She also
did same, because we thought we were not just meant to be together as
lovers, but just friends.

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As true love would always have it, I also got posted to do my NYSC in
Lagos in 2013. Yes, same Lagos where she lives, same town/city where
she lives. All this while, our friendship never ended despite being
apart romantically.

Then we started bridging the gap. The feelings have
been bottled up for years, was sneaking out piece by piece. I realized
the years apart had actually made us better persons. I noticed she was
more understanding and everything a man would ask for in a woman. I
understood her better and had already worked on myself too.

She also
tried unsuccessfully to hide her feelings, even flaunting her new
relationship in my face just to tease me. Sometime in April 2013, we
finally decided to renew the relationship and this time, I knew the
right thing to do. I didn’t wait much longer. I decided to propose in
November 2, 2014.

Marry me, today and everyday


The Surprise Proposal – As narrated by the bride….
It all began when one of my rings got missing. Little had I known, my
best friend stole it for him so he can determine my true ring size.
They were planning the surprise proposal.

Sadly, I lost my grandmum and
was planning to go home for the burial. He decided he couldn’t let me
travel home without a ring on my finger. He decided to propose the next
day, contrary to his initial plan.

Two days before leaving, a friend called me to ask for my help. She
said she had a date with someone she had never met before and didn’t
want to go alone. Of course, I agreed. I met her at the restaurant. Her
date came in and she chatted away. I sat in a different table all alone.

Surprisingly, two friends stepped in, claiming they were there to watch
a football match. They sat on my table and we chatted. They had a
stranger with them. We chatted a lot and the stranger asked my opinion
on his love life.

I love how you always make me blush and smile

I love how you laugh at my jokes

I love how you make loving you seem so easy

He told me about his love story that sounded exactly
like mine. I gave him my opinion and told him it’s similar to my love
story. He then asked me, “So if your man asks you to marry him today, you would say yes?”. I replied, “Why not! I have decided never to let him go again.”.

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All this while, the scenario was recorded.

We ordered drinks and sipped for minutes. One by one, people started
leaving, till it was just me, alone, with bottles in front of me. I felt
a bit uncomfortable. Immediately a waiter stepped in with a paper. My
heart screamed, “Chineke, dem don bring bill o. How do i pay for all this? Where did they all go?”.

But the paper was titled “CLUE 1”. To shorten this narration, three
clues let me to him, on one knee, with a cute little ring. He asked, I
screamed, cried a bit, but finally said yes. Then, the entire cast,
camera crew, proposal planner, fake date, fake friend, all came in to
celebrate with us.

We finally got married in a lovely wedding ceremony on Saturday, May 23, 2015, nine years after dating.

We took it to the park…

founded on faith, joined in love, kept by Jehovah

Hands down, this is one of the best days I can ever remebmber…always remember

I vow to aways love you even during football seasons

Let me share this whole new world with you

I am glad you and me are Us

I got your back

Together we ride

Where you go, I will go

With me, you can never go wrong

I will never let you fall

Now let’s start from the very beginning

From this day forward

Catch me if you can

Now we leave you to enjoy their white wedding photos:

Final words:
For those who have been asking of our love story, it wasn’t rosy all
through but true love always kept our hearts together. We both got our
wishes. We both got married to our first love. We pray that this love,
this journey, will never end. And we hope it inspires others to realize
that true love will always find a way no matter how long it takes…. Only
if you let it.

You can watch video of Michelle singing to her prince at their wedding reception (HERE)

KFB wishes Zeemich all the love they have shown they deserve,
wonderful marriage and a lifetime of bliss.

We can only hope for more spectacular weddings and love stories in the coming
weeks….you can always reach us on [email protected] to have your
weddings/love story featured too.

Remember that you are one of the wonderful things God has made – wonderful
inside and out. You’re blessed. You’re special. You’re loved…xoxo.


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