This is the $200k solid gold customized watch David Mark gave GEJ

They say Senate President, David Mark gave outgoing Pres. Jonathan
this $200,000 24k solid gold customized watch as a gift. 
According to
Vanguard newspaper, the gold watch has
‘750 N (North) 34379″ on it, and also a ‘Special Edition 2010’ on the
top and also bears: “Presented by Senator David Mark GCON,” and to “H.E.
Goodluck Ebele Jonathan” etched into the gold as well as the Nigerian
emblem over its visible working parts.

The words “President of the Senate” are printed on the glass back cover
of the watch above the Nigerian emblem, with the words “Federal Republic
of Nigeria”. 

David Mark is such a cheerful giver, remember he also gave the Idibias a big wedding gift!
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Oops, 2face Idibia’s friend puts him on major blast

A few days ago 2face Idibia blasted past presidents and Governors of Nigeria, saying that they had done nothing for Nigerians.

His comments won him a lot of praises from his fans, who commended
him for keeping it real and speaking the truth when others wouldn’t.

But the problem with making comments like that is if you have also
been a beneficiary of those same people you put on blast, someone will
always call you out, which is exactly what happened, when a close friend
of the music star who was front and center at his wedding put him on
major blast.

The friend, Eric Amodu
called Tubaba a stingy man who had enjoyed the generosity of several
governors. He also accuses him of abandoning OJB Jezreel in his time of

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