They said I was too FAT to find a husband but I got the BEST – Newly wed bride, Eniola Kashaam

She is Big, Bold and Beautiful!
Do you remember Eniola Kashaam, one of the runner ups of the reality TV show, ‘Fastest Shredder’? She got married to the love of her life and best friend on the second of May, 2015 to the shame of those who thought she could never find true love due to her weight.
Nigerian Wedding Photographer | Eniola + Seyi Pre-Wedding Engagement Session 
“They said I was too fat and only slim girls get husbands, lmao but look at me…there is someone for everyone, you only have to be patient
prayerful and honest. “
Her inspiring narration continues below:
“Most ladies are not honest,  there is a different
between wanting to get married and been ready to be married. I thank God
for all he has done for my hubby and I.  He is not perfect, I am not perfect
but our love has stood true all test. I can only say thank God he is

Mayowa and Adebola‘s love story is a testimony (photos)

My prayer for every woman out there who is ready for marriage
honestly is that before the end of this year God would send youu ur heart
throb. Thank you all for the prayers. Mrs Eniola Oluseyi Ajani.” Eniola says!

Their wedding photos and ah-mazing love story will be published on Monday, May 11, 2015 on our True Love Series, whoosh!

But in the mean time, we bring you a sneak peak (pre-wedding, bridal shower and more) below:

Nigerian Wedding Photographer | Eniola + Seyi Pre-Wedding Engagement Session 
It looked like a fairytale dreamland that I only picture from a
book. An all white English tea themed party which was celebrated by her
immediate friends, it was indeed a feminine, elegant and fun shower” the photographer, spicytee says.

Nigerian Wedding Blog | Eniola English Tea Themed Bridal Shower Eniola English Tea Themed Bridal Shower | Nigerian Wedding BlogEniola English Tea Themed Bridal Shower | Lagos Wedding and Lifestyle PhotographerNigerian Wedding Blog | Eniola English Tea Themed Bridal Shower
Nigerian Wedding Blog | Eniola English Tea Themed Bridal Shower

When Eniola arrived, she was totally blown away!Eniola English Tea Themed Bridal Shower | Lagos Wedding and Lifestyle PhotographerEniola English Tea Themed Bridal Shower | Nigerian Wedding Blog

Eniola and mom

And then we leave you with this…
We are so happy for Eniola!



  1. The bridal shower photos are so nice, so so nice, mehn money is good. It is one thing to be fat and poor and it is another thing to be fat and rich, Eniola is a lucky bae

    1. Are you trying to insinuate that he married her for her money not love? Ode ni e. He is a billionaire himself.

    2. It is not about money cos the guy himself is super rich. He loves her for real. She is funny, playful and cooks so well. My God you need to taste her food. That is why she got lucky. Not many slim people can take care of a man like she does and that is what men want. A woman that spoils them in terms of cooking, and showering them with all the love and attention. He is 36 and she is 24 but love happened.

    1. As in! she looks waaay cuter than most slimmer average brides we see daily. The hubby is not that hawt in my eye though so i don't understand how she got the best.

  2. Eniola biko hold on to your husband well o cos when you start getting pregnant and start having kids, you will be double of what you are now and there is a hundred percent probability that your hubby will start looking outside then. No hard feelings dear, just a lil advise. I am happy for you still

  3. Eniola. Redeemers University things. She used to be very nasty and saucy, always beating up her roomates, i hope she has changed sha. congrats.

    1. Hmm, I dnt tink she was beating her roomates o..we once stayed togeda evn if we were nt roomies and she neva beat me up or oda wise..hml dear eni..

  4. OMG, thanks for sharing this. Just this morning i was too tired to even leave my house, i felt ashamed for being a plus size but this has given me more hope. Thankyou.

  5. woooooooooow, congratuations my dear Arewa, seeing this gives me so much joy for you. your wedding cake is glorious too

  6. Is it just me or can annyone else see the guy's face? Kemi none of these photos is shoing the guy's face nah, what happen? Meanwhile i like the bride, watched her twice on that show, she was focused and playful. Happy married life to them

    1. you noticed, gbam. Even in the photo where his face showed at the bridal shower, he had his sunshade on so it's hard to even tell what he looks like. His body built makes sense sha.

  7. congrat, God i want to also share my testimony. I claim the prayer she made amen. congrat once again.

  8. Kashaam girls are fine sha! Enny is not light skinned like her sisters…Hmmnn. The eldest one is extremely pretty

  9. Ah that is tennicoco's sister. Love has nothing to do with looks and how slim you are. The slim and pretty ones are the ones that usually get the wife beaters, cheaters and bastard of a "horseband"
    But the hubby can encourage her to lose more weight so they can be healthy together.

  10. All I imagine is how she would look like when she gets pregnant. I just can't deal. She must be forever grateful to this man cos he did a big favor by marrying her.

    1. Wonuola what is the essence of u congratulating her when u know u will stylishly abuse her, leave them alone u are not their God. what God has joined together let no insult put them asunder. Keep ur advice to urself

  11. I noticed too….marriage pics re off her page nd name also chnged …na wa? God help marriages des days….u need more dan love,money,beauty to keep a home.

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