Should I tell my husband that I made out with his brother?

Er, guys, this kfber needs your advise!

Hi Kemi, I am sort of in a dilemma and i need my fellow kfbers to help me decide what to do.
Ok, I got married about a year ago to my husband who is seven years older
than me. Our marriage was smooth until he lost his mum the only
surviving parent and we were asked by the elders of the family to move
into the house that was left behind by the parent since he was the next
of kin.
Prior to this
time, we used to live in a rented apartment, so we were of course happy
to move into the four room apartment. We were barely a month there when
my husband’s two other single brothers moved in with us.
was no big deal initially, although i was the only female in the house,
it was nice having two other handy men to help around.
Things started
to get out of hand when the youngest brother who was my age mate started
to make some flirting moves at me. At first I ignored buh I later on
agreed as per brother-in-law things on an outing with him on one of
those weekends when my husband was out.
started as inlaws then to friends then to something else…he confessed
having feelings for me. I was feeling something too, buh i dint tell him cos it
might lead more.
Recently, we had a moment in the kitchen, we
made out but we were caught by the 2nd brother and he promised he
wouldnt tell my husband but told us to stop. but since then i have felt
unfaithful to my husband
love my husband and wouldn’t want to loose him, but i have mutual
feelings for his youngest brother. It is more complicated since we all
live in the same house and i see him (younger brother) everyday. Although
i hope it wont happen again, buht what if the 2nd brother doesn’t keep to
his promise and tells my husband that he caught me kissing their younger
Should I tell my husband about the kiss or just ignore it and move on. HELP.

Oops, Nigeria Info FM takes a swipe at Beat FM

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Iyalode of Yoruba land, Chief Alaba Lawson,
led a delegation of South-West women leaders on a visit to his Hilltop
residence in Abeokuta recently. Seex excerpts below:

“The country had been poorly managed in
the last eight years and it would take some time for Buhari’s government
to correct the anomalies. But I want to tell him not to be frightened.”

“What I would say is that we should all
put our minds at rest. He...

Who knew Fred Amata had such a beautiful grown up daughter (photo)

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