Nike Fowowe, President EMR Group turns 25 (photos)


 Omonike Fowowe is easily one of the
best symbols of relentless optimism you would find and she turned 25 yesterday, how awesome!


This 25 year old
entrepreneur has built a plethora of marketing communications and
humanitarian brands under the holding company; Express Multi-Concept
Resources (EMR) Group Ltd; which she founded in 2011; fully focused
helping organizations to be more visible and accessible to their
customers; using the internet and several other veritable channels.  

With clients like Access Bank, Zaron, Mall for Africa and CoolWorldPZ
Cussons, Marcopolo Hotels&Suites , Marcopolo Properties, among so many
other large and small brands; EMR Group Ltd has within it;
EmrMarketing, EmrMedia, EMRMoments, EMRStyleOnline , EMR&Brands,
EMRMedia , EMRPR, and EMRAcademy. 

Each of these companies specializes in
a segment of Marketing Communications including; Sales Promotions and
Distribution, Product Activations, Online Brand Management , Digital
Marketing and Training, Media Buying, Media Services and Advisory,
Events Management , Advertising and Public Relations.      

Online and offline, Nike Fowowe (CMICIN) is an entrepreneurial force.
Already the EMR Group has a collective subscriber base of over 1,000,000
people across their social media platforms with owning Africa’s
Leading Digital Marketing Firm EMRMarketing .When you meet her in
person; one begins to understand why this young entrepreneur is fully
convinced that these are just early days and the possibilities of the
future are truly limitless.

Nike Fowowe (25) was literarily born into the media, her mother was the
Director at Radio 1, a subsidiary of the Federal Radio Corporation of
Nigeria (FRCN) and as early as age 8, Fowowe found herself within the
world of breaking news, production equipment, public relations and some
of nations top talents in broadcasting that would grow to become some of
the patriarchs of the modern age.    These experiences would provide the
impetus for her to proceed to study Mass Communication at the Redeemers
University in Ogun State Nigeria bagging a Second-class Upper. And it
was at this university that Nike Fowowe begun making her own light foot
prints in media and marketing communications that have led to some of
the giant strides she is making today as president of EMR Group Ltd.    In
her own words; It all started from my University days. I was chosen as
the Advert Manager for the campus magazine and newspaper called ‘Run
Pearl’ and ‘Run Chronicles’ respectively. Those experiences shaped my
person and prepared me for the labour market‛.       

Nike Fowowe has a passion for sharing information. As a young
undergraduate she would help other students that ran petty trades and
small businesses advertise their products/services in this magazine as
well as via her personal social media pages.    It was natural that she
would build remarkable following on all these platforms as people could
trust her to provide the latest and most authentic information on
campus; either online or offline. Today, Corporate Organizations,
Government Parastatals, Individuals, Non-Governmental Organizations
among others all leverage the platforms and services of EMR Group Ltd to
actively connect and engage their target customers.     As a general rule, Nike Fowowe has built EMR Group to focus
single-mindedly on guaranteeing Return on Investment (ROI) for her
clients and like the slogan that you would here repeated time again as
you walk around the EMR Group Office in Ikoyi, Lagos Nigeria; ‚we do not
think just about activity; we think results‛.       Another foundational
principle on which EMR Group Ltd is built is; joy. In thinking customer
satisfaction; Fowowe rallies her various teams to deliver joy to
clients. Whether this joy is delivered in increased following online for
a client; new customer activations or the ability to derive deeper
engagement with a particular customer segment via one of the EMR
platforms, Nike Fowowe has built a culture in her organization that
ensures they maintain their focus in the very rich places. Nike Fowowe (25) is also a firm believer in the discovery and exhibition
of new talent; in one of her latest projects; the MUA Challenge; which
was focused on providing a platform for make-up artists across the
country to showcase their work directly to potential customers;
investors and other leading names in Nigeria’s fashion and entertainment
industries.    With auditions held across the North South, East and West
of the country; in Abuja, Portharcourt, Enugu and Lagos states
respectively and a grand finale in Lagos State; the MUA Challenge had a
total of 5000 contestants all getting an opportunity to showcase their
work to a greater audience. This was yet another special project of EMR
Group which is making a definite impact in the lives of several young
entrepreneurial Nigerians.

Furthermore, in the character of making impact, the year 2015 would see
Fowowe launch the EMR Foundation. This foundation is set up to ‘lend its
hand; one step at a time’ to several dire causes plaguing women and
children across the continent of Africa. With an impressive roll call of notable achievements and a mind that
never stops imagining new possibilities as well as avenues to create a
more functional world for all, Fowowe is tireless.    This relentless
dreamer, who has carved a niche for herself in Media and Marketing
communications, is also a serial entrepreneur with interests in some
other high profit segments like food services and fitness with her Café
Lagos Confectionary and EMR Perfect Size.    Being a young entrepreneur,
Fowowe, has mastered the rare skill of galvanizing teams to achieve set
objectives; this is why her multifaceted vision for her life is fast
coming into shape; for someone who in half a decade; would just be 30!
Join us in Celebrating the #EMRBossAt25.

To know more about Nike Fowowe and her Company ‘EMRGroup’ Visit


Email: [email protected]





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