KFB Movie review: I am shocked that Nse Ikpe Etim played the lead role in ‘Breaking Ranks’…very dumb movie!

I am so angry as I type this review because I wasted 3 hours, I mean three solid, golden hours and money on this stupid movie ‘Breaking Ranks’.

I’m sorry but it will take a while before I see any Nse Ikpe Etim movie again….my respect for her came tumbling down like a — well, a pack of cards after watching this movie.

I thought she had class and that’s why I bought the movie, I assumed it would be awesome because my favorite actress Nse was the lead character but how wrong I was….to even make matters worst, Femi Jacobs, the fast rising actor who made his way to my list of fantastic actors after his brilliant role in ‘the meeting’ movie, was another major cast in it…gosh, i am so angry.

Breaking Ranks is supposed to tell the story of a beautiful and intelligent detective with an affinity for
fitness (Nse), who is falsely accused of negligence, an indictment which changed
the course of her life in a matter of minutes, creating the city’s most
fierce and efficient one-woman defense machine BUT the storyline and flow in the movie was off the track, totally off….

It stars Nse Ikpe Etim, Jibola
Dabo, Femi Jacobs and Seun Akindele.

The movie ‘Breaking Ranks’ from Soul Mate productions was released in 2014.

I get it, I know it’s totally wrong to condemn a thing, but there is nothing good about ‘Breaking Ranks’ so please excuse my harsh review.

Many of the scenes were completely
voiceless, one had to strain one’s ears, at some point…one had to start reading lips too.

The story line didn’t even make sense, right from the very first scene, who is turned off but i just had force myself to stay till the end, hoping it would get better.

A friend with whom we started the movie together but stopped half way said “Who wrote this garbage of a movie? Like seriously this is a waste of precious time! The story line does not make sense, I have watched the first 20minutes and I am literally sick already, Kemi happy watching, I’m off”

Sound was extremely poor, the background sounds could not be isolated from oration and at some points
it was too clear that the sounds were joined from different scene shots.

The flow is also really poor, it looks as if each
actor/actress having crammed what to say was just waiting for a last word
before they could say their lines and the drags were both awkward and

There was a scene where Nse Etim stood at the doorway to her home for five minutes, doing nothing, five minutes ooooo, why show us that…..there were more unnecessary scenes… I don’t understand why they decided to drag each
scene unnecessarily?

Make up nko, that’s another talk. The make up of the dead victims was really poor and that short wig that Nse Etim had on in almost the scenes didn’t do her justice at all.

Video quality was poor at some scenes especially the first scenes…boring!

…waste of money and time and I am even more ashamed
to say NSE disappointed me!

I don’t understand why she accepted to feature in such a low budget movie and then she delivered her lines like she was
reading the script.

Please if you haven’t seen this movie, don’t waste your money to buy it hun….unless you have got so much money to waste. You can see it (HERE) on Iroko TV.

Oh by the way, Happy New Month kfbers, this month of May will be awesome for us all, amen!


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