The truth about DonJazzyfied – by Kenny Ajose

Within everyone is a silent
yearning to become more,make a mark and go above and beyond the mediocre. 
Don Jazzy the head honcho of the Mavin crew represents a
new breed of young African change agents who are employing and deploying
their natural endowments in creating viable businesses, giving youngsters a
platform to express their gifting, profiting  from their
passions and using their lives to tell inspiring stories.Kehinde leads the
reader through an easy to apply, step by step method that can help anyone
achieve celebrity status in their chosen field.

Kehinde Ajose, respected journalist, media entrepreneur and sought
after  talent development strategist has released the E-version of the
landmark book Donjazzyfied…lessons drawn from Don jazzy on how to
move from ‘Best kept secret’ to becoming a ‘Don’ in your field. This brave book
is not about Don Jazzy in the end but about an understanding of our struggles
with dreams, desire to succeed, guidelines for achievement of dreams, and the
answer to that secret doubtful  questions we have been battling with over
our dreams.

“Don jazzy is an inspiration that left me with much admiration and one
question; Why should I fear to succeed:”?said Kehinde Bankole,
respected Nollywood actress who starred in Kunle Afolayan’s
recent movie ‘October 1’ What makes Don jazzy a force to reckon
with? What branding lessons can be learnt from this showbiz don ?How did he
emerge as one of the most influential showbiz personalities on Twitter? These
are some of the thought provoking questions answered in this collection of
inspiring and instructive bits and pieces on the Don jazzy phenomenon.

Here are the facts

to move from best kept secret to becoming a don in your field ,the book was
written by one of Nigeria’s most respected writer and  journalist Kehinde

in an easy to read language . It is one of the best books on how to make a mark
and a   become an irresistible brand in any field
with  Don Jazzy being the case study laid bare in 9 chapters.

 Even though some might have
forgotten or might not even know Don Jazzy‘s real name ,the book reveals
that,  tales of his humble beginnings,  amongst other

The book is endorsed by Kehinde
Bankole a leading Nollywood actress who recently featured in Kunle Afolayan’s  wave
making flick October 1.

Like  Emma Nyra, Shine Begho of Cool FM, Annette Cookey,
Senator the comedian, Olorisupergal and others said amazing things about Don
Jazzy in the book.

   Twitter is a major tool
Don Jazzy deploys in order to build an engaging brand…How he makes it happen is
also analyzed in the book.

    The secret behind
the Mavins hit song and how you can apply it to your craft is also unveiled in
this book.

     How Don
jazzy bounced back from the Mohits break and the lessons to adopt can be
gleaned from this book.

What Donjazzyfied will do for you

Identity – Helps you to identify your own unique brand traits

– people will  trust what you say

Buy In –
people become anxious for the opportunity to talk about your message

will be able to maximize the advantages in failure

Buying this book is one of the
greatest decision you will take this year.Don’t procrastinate. Don’t let the
doubter whisper to you.


This has only been released as a
digital copy. You can read on any of your mobile devices or computer. To read
the .epub version, make sure you download an eBook reader to use on your

To order call-08024212530


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