Buhari did not say he will defeat Boko Haram in two months, here’s what he said

President-elect, Nigeria Gen, Muhammadu Buhari has debunked
claims made by world media stating that he would defeat Boko Haram in two

In the statement issued by Director of Media and Publicity
of the All Progressives Congress Presidential Campaign Organisation, Garba
Shehu yesterday, revealed that the President-elect had promised to deal with
the insurgents but did not set a time frame to this.
The statement:
 “His Excellency, the
President-elect is still waiting to be sworn in on May 29. After the ceremony,
he would need time to study the security situation and plan strategically with
the security chiefs as to the way forward. Time is of essence here.Therefore,
President Buhari didn’t and wouldn’t peg the decimation of terrorism from the
country’s territories to just two months.
The General was unequivocal about cleansing Boko Haram from
our land; he would do a good job of it by giving a final, permanent push to rid
Nigeria of unscrupulous elements. “The President-elect said that much to the
world media including the British Broadcasting Corporation and Cable  News Network.He never put a time-frame to
when he would eliminate terrorists. It would be unfair and mischievous for
someone to ascribe to him what he hasn’t said.

If you have not been watching any of Toke Makinwa’s Vlogs, then you are a “waste”


We didn't say that, Toke did!

In an Instagram video aimed at promoting her latest vlog posted yesterday, April 1, 2015,  the top media personality Toke Makinwa saidu: "If this is your very first time of watching this blog, you are a waste, a very big waste
at that. Where have you been. How can you not have been watching Toke's
blog. Like are you on this planet at all. Like what's wrong with you?
Do you understand?"

The waste comment did not go down well with her Instagram fans. Many expressed their displeasure over the comment.
"Can't u see how very wasted u are........ Wastress"
"Understand what @tokemakinwa how can sum1 be a waste not watching you blog?not funny"

“We WAITED till our wedding night and we’re LOVIN it” – Kofo and Sam Babatunde

Yayy, I'm One + The One  has brought back the 'Waiting and loving it series :).
 It's been a while (and a half) and I honestly cannot tell you how excited I am to be bringing you another Married and Loving It feature!

I am very excited because today's couple are people that I respect a
lot! Even though they have been married for a whooping 30 years(!),
their look belie their age and their affection towards each other seems
like they are fresh in the marriage institution.

When we see married couples like them, it makes one look forward
expectantly to getting married and alleviates fears of enduring''


Adeboye, Kumuyi’s 2015 prophecies on the General Elections happened

While many others prophesied doom,
the General Superintendent of the Deepers’  Bible Church, Pastor Kumuyi
and General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, Pastor
E.A Adeboye, stated otherwise concerning the General Elections.

Speaking during the cross over night on the ist of January, Pastor
E.A Adeboye said  “Unfortunately, because it is election year, I can’t
tell you all that God told me about Nigeria. But I will tell you this:
“By the end of the year, many will say ‘all is well that ends well.’”
Pastor William Kumuyi, on the other hand assured Nigerians that the
elections of February 2015 will be free, fair and devoid of rigging,
adding that the votes of Nigerians will count.
Kumuyi made the declaration on Wednesday, January21,...

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