Paul Okoye’s son, Andre loves to say ‘Mama, I love you’ and six things you should know about him

Psquare’s Paul Okoye and wife Anita are celebrating their only child, Andre Okoye’s 2nd birthday today.
Asides from sharing beautiful photos of him, his proud mum, Anita shared an ‘aw-inducing’ tribute to him on her instagram page.
Here are six things we learnt about little Andre in the tribute:

1. He is an amazing little Fellow: “With you I
have experienced a special type of love that cannot be expressed by
mere words and I know for sure that God loves us so much for giving us
2. He wakes up everyday with a big smile: “You wake up with the biggest smile ever”
3. He is always saying sorry: “You are super sensitive to everyone’s feelings, always saying sorry”
4. He says ‘Mama, how are you?’ at every chance he gets: “And the best thing right now is how you always say to me (at the top of your lungs) MAMA….HOW ARE YOU!?!”
5. He loves to say ‘I Love you Mama”: I am
blessed to have a son that says “I LOVE YOU MAMA” at every chance he
gets!! I bless the Good Lord for giving me this special little man.
6: He is a source of joy: “I pray that you continue to be a source of joy to me, your dad and the entire world as well. I wish you God’s Favour, wisdom, long life, prosperity, God’s protection and blessings now and always”

We wish Andre a happy birthday!!!

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  1. Y would she lie,my kids also do same,my son,frm wen he was just an infant could sense wen I am moody by just sucking my breast,when am moody he doesn suck,till today,he is sensitv to me,if am quiet,he will ask me mummy r u ok,he lovs to hug n peck me,my dota is 1yr 7mnths and also says sorry and mama I love u,it all depends on wat u teach thm,so it's very possible!

  2. As for me the Okoyes are damn boring, okay if they cannot sing again, let them go and learn barbing work nah !

  3. A 2 year old child can say all that now! It all depends on the exposure. My son as at 10 months knows when you are upset and he does the sorry sign by rubbing his hand on your head…

  4. Haba! My kids say more than how are you. She is not lying abeg lol. My son is 2 plus even ask if I have eaten. Nah wa for bad belle people sha

  5. U guys are all liars.a child of two can hardly talk and haba to even read feelings and wa for Nigerians

  6. A child of two years can say that depending on his or environment.Maybe he/she heard it from someone and picked it up.Not really read feelings and emotions but know when someone is sad.Even a pets know when their owners are upset due to their facial expression

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