Nanny who kidnapped the Orekoya kids tells how she did it; her hubby and in-laws were involved

Funmilayo Adeyemi, the nanny who kidnapped the Orekoya children has
explained how she executed the plan.

Surprisingly, she carried it out with the help of husband, brother-in-law and
his wife, her four kids and her mother-in-law.
You can watch the video (HERE) and Read her confession below:

“I was home when my brother-Inlaw’s wife came and said,they are looking for
a housemaid .I said how can I be a housemaid.Then my husband and his
brother said we use it to extort money.I said Ok.I went.The woman
employed me.I stayed for four days at Magodo-Isheri.Then I kidnapped the
children on Sunday and brought them down to Adbijo.

They called me, and said I’m going for another mission.I said Again?My
brother in law’s wife,checked OLX and saw the woman’s number and gave

I called the woman and she said I should see her and move in the next
day.So I moved in the next day,a Wednesday.She was very nice to me.Then I
called them and said should I come home without the children? They said for what? Thats what you went there to do.

So I put the 11 month old on my back and held the 4 year and six year.We boarded a bus to Ojuelegba ,the Iyana -Ipaja.
When i got home, i was not happy .I said whatever they want to do,do it fast and send the kids back because of the baby.
I said leave the kids, they said the man is stubborn. I read in the
media they asked for 15 million.I told them the money was too much,the
woman is just a banker.They said the man must pay.

These are the people involved..My husband,my brother-inlaw,and his
wife,my four kids and mother-inlaw.My mother-inlaw almost had
hypertension because of this.She said she doesn’t want any of these..”


And the Nanny drama gets worse, see what this one did again!



The evil nanny that kidnapped the Orekoya kids has been  arrested but a new case has popped up!

A  housemaid in Nairobi, Kenya was caught on camera attempting to breastfeed her employer’s baby, Nairobi News reports.


The maid, Grace Mwikali Mwema, had just been employed two days prior to the incident.
A hidden camera in the living room showed Mwema offering the 9-month-old baby her breasts to suck. However, the baby resisted.
state that “the baby’s mother says she could not believe her eyes as
she watched a live feed from the nanny camera on her smart phone while
at work.”
Watch video (here)


President Jonathan’s daughter celebrates wedding anniversary (photos)

How times flies, it’s hard to believe that it is a year already since the presidential wedding that shook the nation.

President Goodluck Jonathan’s
adopted daughter Faith Sakwe-Edward wedded her love, Godswill Osim
Edward, on the 12th of April 2014..
Read the lovely anniversary message she wrote to her hubby on Facebook.

Diseases deadlier than Ebola hits Ondo; 15 people have died already + Residents open up

Residents of Irele township in Ondo state have been hit by a deadly disease which is similar to but more dangerous than Ebola.

According to reports, the victims wake up blind, with a terrible headache and die within a few hours.
At least 15 people who contracted the disease are feared dead.
Ondo state Commissioner for Health, Dr. Dayo Adeyanju, told Channels Television that
the disease was discovered yesterday but didn’t say how the victims
contracted the disease or how it can be passed on to others.”It is
strange and it’s symptoms include headache and loss of sight. The local
and international health institutions are already carrying out
investigations on the causes and treatment of the ailment.”
Dr Adeyanju also...

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