KFB Foodie Talk: How to Banana Kunun aya milkshake


our newbies, the KFB foodie talk column – handled by Dobby of Dobbysignature – is basically for ladies and
‘guys’ that are interested in learning how to cook better ;). 

Today, Dobby discusses how to make Banana Kunun Aya Milkshake.



If you are ever at a restaurant and you see banana kunun Aya milkshake
on the menu, i highly recommend you give it a try. I stumbled on this
recipe a while back in my kitchen and since then, i’ve been blown away
anytime i make it. This is one of my variations of the classic kunun aya
mixes and it’s definitely here to stay. Makes me feel like a kid with
that greedy urge to have as many sweet flavors as possible in one full

How to make Banana kunun aya milkshake
• Prep time:
5 mins
• Serves:     2
• Misc:         Serve cold

• 1 cup vanilla light ice cream
• 1 medium banana, sliced
• 1/2 cup Kunun aya


Step 1: Place the Banana, ice cream, Kunu aya in a blender container; cover. Blend on medium speed until smooth.

Step 2: Pour into 2 glasses. Serve! 
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Kemisola Ade

Kemisola Adeyemi is the Assistant Editor of Kemi Filani News. She loves to write and write and write and hopes to own a publishing firm someday! Email: [email protected]


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