It’s not just Nigerians, even African leaders are happy over Jonathan’s defeat – Obasanjo

While talking to an audience at the United States Institute of Peace

in Washington DC, former President Olusegun Obasanjo said African
leaders were happy over the defeat of President Goodluck Jonathan in the
2015 presidential election.

Mr. Obasanjo, who led the African
Union Observation Mission to the April 2015 General Election in Sudan,
spoke on Thursday at a Washington DC event.
According to him, his checks in a number of African countries
suggested they were happy over the result of the election. He referred
to President Goodluck Jonathan as a moving train who was providentially
stopped from collapsing Nigeria.

“I have visited six countries since the
election, they are as happy about the results as we are in Nigeria. It
is good not only for Nigeria, it is good for Africa and I believe it is
good for the world.”

PremiumTimes reports that the former president described Nigeria as a
country that obsessively plays “a dangerous game of moving close to the
precipice”. He said the country came close to disintegration in the
run-up to the 2015 elections but switched swiftly to the path of
redemption after the polls.

“I hope we will not fall over one of these days,” he said.

He said one month to the election, no one believed “we will have a peaceful election that is reasonably free and fair.”

Describing his role in the election as that of a person standing on
the track of a moving train, the former president said during the
countdown to the elections, he faced the option of “jumping off” the
tracks or “be crushed” if the train did not providentially get “derailed
and stop.”
He said he did not jump and was not crushed adding that “at every
stage, there must be leaders imbued with sufficient courage and will to
stand firm when you have to stand firm.”
He described the results of the elections as what Nigerians “deserve” though some Nigerians “did not want it”.


Guy who trekked from Lagos to Abuja doesn’t care if you believe him or not

1 (1)
On Friday, April 24, Suleiman Hashimu, the man who trekked from Lagos
to Abuja, got to meet with President-elect, Muhammadu Buhari in the
presidential campaign headquarters of the All Progressives Congress in

Hashimu walked for 18 days in commemoration of the election victory of Buhari.

According to Hashimu, the journey was a personal promise he made to
God in 2013 that if Buhari contests and wins the 2015 presidential
elections, he would travel by foot from Lagos to Abuja.

Read below part of what he said to journalists in Abuja.

“I made a promise because of the love I have for Mr. President that
if Buhari should win the 2015 elections, I will trek from Lagos to Abuja
which I have done. I thank God that I...


Are you looking for a boyfriend – Joro “Doktor Mofin” Olumofin shares 10 tips on how to get one

Hey ladies, Lagos socialite Joro Olumofin has just shared tips on how to get boyfriend.
He shared the tips on his Instagram page moments ago, saying:

(1) Remove guys from your friendzone list: “Friendzone”
is a mental classification or categorization of a guy or group of guys
in a lady’s mind I.e she sees a guy as a non sexual object or as a
brother. Some single  ladies today see having a lot of guys on their
friendzone list as an achievement or an award, they enjoy the fact that
guys keep trying to get their attention or approval while they call him
things like “bro” , “cuz” , “G” “padi” as a means to discourage him from
trying to talk to them.. My...


Man laments death of his wife on twitter, tells how she died during childbirth

This is so sad. A grieving Nigerian man, Olu has taken took to twitter to mourn his late wife, Oluremi Adereke. She died alongside their unborn baby during childbirth recently, see tweets below:

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