“I’m obeying the Bible” Man with 40 children by 20 women says he won’t stop

Britain’s most feckless father has had 40 children by 20 different
women, boasting: ‘God says go forth and multiply – I’ll never stop’.

According to Dailymail, Mike Holpin 56, from
Monmouthshire, says he can only remember half their names and would not
recognise some if he passed them in the street.
The recovering alcoholic claims he tries to keep track of all his
children – aged between three and 37 – by having their names tattooed
across his back.

He admits he would not recognize many in the street and 16 were taken into care by social services because of his ‘drinking and womanising’.

Hear him:

‘In the Bible, God says go forth and
multiply. I’m doing what God wants. I’m only 56. I’ll never stop [having
children]. Never stop.

‘I’m as fertile as sin. I don’t believe in contraception and I love sex.
‘I’ve got so much love in me for my kids, it’s spilling over. I need
them more than they need me to be honest. I can’t be without them.’

Due to my drinking and my womanising, most of my kids have gone through the care system,’ he said. 

‘It makes me feel like s*** because
they’ve suffered.They [social services] took them from me because I’m an
alcoholic. I’m still an alcoholic – I just don’t practise it.’When they
went into care, I made a promise that no matter how long it took, I
will get my kids home. I miss all the fun we used to have so I guess
getting them back, my life will be set. My life will be perfect’.

He also says he hopes his children will be able to forgive him, both
for their upbringing in council care and for his lengthy reproductive

He said: ‘I can’t make
up for what I’ve done. All I can do is be there for them now. I’ll keep
fighting.’ According to Mr Holpin, his first sexual experience came
aged nine but he did not have his first child until he got a job at a fairground in his late teens.

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