Apostle Johnson Suleiman explains why his prophecy on the election did not happen

General Overseer of Omega Fire Ministry, Apostle Johnson Suleman, who prophesied that many politicians who lost in the last election would win, has now explained why some of his prophecies didn’t come to pass.

In a chat with Punch newspaper, he revealed how some politicans
contacted him to reverse the prophecies and why no one should accuse him
of being a fake prophet.
See excerpts below:

“Let me tell you something about prophecies, they have leverages
and you cannot judge prophecy except you have the spirit of prophecy. If
you watch that prophecy manual, I said very clearly that President
Jonathan would not win but that the man that would win would not be
given. It was stated there. I said a few prophecies about some other
people- (Ibikunle) Amosun, (Nasir) el Rufai, (Nyesom) Wike and some
other people. Whether a prophecy is fulfilled or not depends on who it’s
said about. Few of the people prophesied about contacted me. I don’t
want to call names but they contacted me. You said I won’t get this or
that, I want it. Can it be reversed?’ 

I said very well. If you are given certain prayers to make,
prophecies can be reversed. If you’re given certain things to do,
prophecies can be reversed. And actually, there were some people I never
thought would reach out to me, those who were Muslims, those who were
stubborn leaders, they contacted me. So, I told them ‘this is not about
man, it’s about God. If you’re humble enough, we can pray about it.’ And
we prayed. Like today especially, I’ve got messages from people who
were happy and said ‘Oh, thank God, it was reversed.’

On how the election prophecy was reversed, he said “Like that of
the President, I saw him a month before the election and we talked one
on one. All I told him was that he wouldn’t win. I personally told
Jonathan to concede defeat. I told him he would save a lot of heads if
he conceded defeat and left. I saw not less than half a million people
without their heads.

We have a President who has had two problems–he is politically
naive and he doesn’t understand the concept of power. We have had a
President who has a media team that doesn’t understand what they call
ceasefire. I told the President one on one that his media team didn’t
manage him well. I told him, he would not come back. I said the other
people had not just got the will of the people, they had got the will of
some ministers of God in the place of prayer and few of them had
contacted certain ministers of God and we had sat down and discovered we
needed change. Inasmuch as and with all due respect to the leadership
of the All Progressives Congress, that they are not the change that we
need. So our President, the prophecy came for him but he wriggled
himself out of it. So prophecies have been given and as they are given,
people are now becoming wise, especially when they have seen the
accuracy of some prophecies. They would say before I become a victim,
let me contact this man. And when they do that, they get the prophecies
reversed and it’s not in our place as ministers of God to talk.”

On El Rufai’s win despite his prophecy of loosing at the election for disrespect Jesus “Can
you ask me what happened in Amosun’s case that I said he would win and
he won? Can you ask me what happened in Wike’s case that I said he would
win and he won? Can you ask me what happened in Ayo Fayose’s case that I
said I saw him being threatened and removed and presently he’s going
through an impeachment process? So if we could discuss positives. Like I
said, when a prophecy is given, you can wriggle yourself out of it. And
let me say something, I’m not tying this to an individual–that you won
an election doesn’t mean you have been sworn in.

On battling the embarrasement that resulted after Goodluck Jonathan lost the election “I
read in the paper and even online that I said President Jonathan would
win the election. That to me was a lie that was concocted from hell
because I don’t understand where that came from. I never said that. Even
the Sunday (a day after the presidential election) while the results
were still being collated, I said these people would not win but let’s
hope (Gen. Muhammadu) Buhari (retd.) will rule because I don’t see
Buhari ruling and even if he rules, I don’t see him lasting in power. I
repeated it and some of the APC leaders contacted me, I told them
verbatim that God told me this man is not well and that you people are
evil. You could have brought somebody else. Don’t drain life out of this
man because you have an agenda to push this man forward. Nobody should
die for Nigeria.

 Nigeria will keep being Nigeria no matter how many
lives are lost. So those pastors who gave the prophecies know where they
heard them (from). It’s a spiritual matter which is very dicey. Some of
the pastors said he would win, some even said what would happen after
he wins. I think they have the public to face for an answer. And I will
not expect the people to judge them because some of these pastors have
given prophecies that came to pass before. Before people now believe
them to that extent, there must have been some things they said that
came to pass. When certain things are not going the way some people
prophesied, they shouldn’t be judged. People should only know that ‘this
time, he missed it, so let’s hope next time he gets it right.’

He insists he gets his prophecies from God “You don’t blame
people when they don’t see what you see or understand you. Inasmuch as
there are prophets who have abused some things. A man says he’s a
prophet, he has three wives. A man says he is a prophet, he drinks. A
man says he’s a prophet, he charges money for prayers. A man says he’s a
prophet and he collects money from people to prophesy for them. So
prophetic ministry has been abused but being smelly in an area doesn’t
mean there is no soap factory. It means the people have not gone to get
the soap and apply it on themselves. I grew up with the late Archbishop
Benson Idahosa. He was not, as it were, a prophet. He was not prophetic,
telling you predictions and all that. He didn’t do that, so you should
understand my pedigree; where I’m coming from. I didn’t come from a
background where you would be told that this would happen tomorrow, so I
didn’t like it.

The day every prophecy you give comes to pass 100 per cent, you
have become God. And I think 46 out of 50 is a pass mark. If a man gives
50 predictions and 40 of them come to pass, that is a pass mark. When
100 per cent of your prophecies are fulfilled, you are not a human
being, you have become God and when you have become God, you don’t need
to be in this world anymore. God will take you home. So when people tell
me you said this, I would say what about this and that that happened?
They would say I think it’s true. So I tell them, let’s focus on the
things that happened. And let me say something to you. Not all
prophecies given in a year get fulfilled that year. 

In 2013, I
prophesied that the former Central Bank of Nigeria Governor, Sanusi
Lamido Sanusi, would become the Emir of Kano. Then he was CBN governor. I
had never been so haunted in my life as I was at the time. Bloggers
abused me. Some said they had to verify my certificate, some said they
had to check if I was well schooled. They said how on earth could a CBN
governor become the Emir of Kano when the Ado Bayero had sons to succeed
him? It came to pass in 2014. So that’s why I said you have to study
prophecy. If you don’t study prophecies, you can’t understand
prophecies. There are prophecies of 2012 that are happening now. If they
don’t come to pass that year, it may be the following year but we have
to be calm. But when you have a vendetta against prophecies, if you
don’t see them come to pass, you get angry and attack the prophet.

Oh by the way, he revealed how president Goodluck Jonathan once brought down his Church over his prophecy.
In 2012, I said I saw a new president. That was the last
prophecy for that year. It was a prophecy of 2012 that was to be out in
2013. So in 2013, I prophesied again that he should not run, that I saw
violence. On January 1 of that year, they brought down my church.
Jonathan dismantled my church in Abuja. He hit me seriously. They just
came and marked it. On what grounds are you marking it? Nothing.

So when people like Father Mbaka said they were threatened, I
just laughed because I was not threatened, I was actually hit. They
brought down the whole building and told us to leave. We tried to get
another land but everyone we approached said they were being threatened.

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