Will Oga Bello be voting tomorrow…read his response

So, tomorrow the fate of Nigeria will be decided. In a recent interview with Punch, actor Adebayo Salami aka  Oga Bello had this to say:

How are you preparing for the coming elections?
I am preparing to vote like many other
Nigerians. On Saturday, I will go to the nearby polling station and obey
all the rules and regulations. But I am surely prepared to exercise my
When was the first time you ever voted?
The first time I voted? I know I have been voting since I became eligible to do so, and since democracy returned to Nigeria.
Don’t you get distracted by your fans whenever you are at polling booths?
No. Not really. I just go for the business of the day because people also know that you must obey the rules. I don’t allow distractions.
Is there a memorable voting day you like to remember?
Well, I don’t have issues during voting.
For instance, I don’t have problems with accreditation. So, there has
been no particularly memorable day.
What advice do you have for Nigerians concerning Saturday election and the one on April 11?
From top to down, everyone should
exercise restraint and obey the rules. There should be no sentiments
about anyone or anything because our vote is our power.
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Labourer kills civil servant three days to sad!

One Mr. Emmanuel, an administrative officer at the Federal
Government Girls College, Umuahia, was on Tuesday, March 17, 2015, butchered by
a labourer he hired to work for him in his hometown at Dioka Nzerem village, in
the Ehime Mbano Local Government Area of Imo State.

It was gathered that Emmanuel had decided to build a
befitting country house where he hoped to relocate to after his retirement.
He was said to have contracted some labourers to lay the
foundation of the building. The labourers included one of his godson, Samuel
After the day’s job on the fateful day, for which he had
given the labourers their daily wages, it was learnt that Emmanuel was informed
later in the day that Edomobi had gone...

OPC denies fixing up fake soldiers in Lagos


General Elections: Do any of these fifteen things and be arrested on Saturday

Dear voters and stakeholders, you’re advised to behave yourselves on
Saturday, March 28 and other election days, or the men of the Police
force will lock you up.
According to the Force spokesperson, Emmanuel Ojukwu, the Nigerian
Police would arrest and prosecute anyone who violates 15 electoral
offences on election days.
Here are the 15 ‘do-not-commit’ offences:
1. The casting of vote twice or more.
2. Announcing false election result.
3. Stopping other persons from voting.
4. Revealing information on a ballot paper of another person.
5. Being in possession of another person’s voter card.
6. Disorderly behaviour at polling units.
7. Canvassing for votes.
8. Shouting slogans of a political party.
9. Wielding guns, sticks, stones or other dangerous weapons at polling units.
10. Loitering or walking about at a poling unit.

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