The May D and his babymama drama: We bring you both sides of the story

Earlier today, news broke out that popular Ile Ijo singer May D whose real name is Mayokun Awodumila beats up his baby mama Debola.

who is the mother of May D’s 2-year-old son Olamipoju sent to LIB a
tell-all email about the domestic violence she suffered by the hand of
May D.
Read it here:
name is Debola I’m sure you know who I am, you put me on ur blog about
3yrs ago, for tattooing a Nigerian artist name on my body, I’m MayD’s
baby Mama… I haven’t come here to rant or make noise, but to say some
important things that I feel people should know. I will try to make my
story as short as possible.
I was with
MayD for 8years, which implies we were together from the get-go, before
his career began and when nobody knew him obviously. For many years I
stayed with him, obviously as his girlfriend, I supported him,
financially, physically and emotionally. Back then when I was in Babcock
we passed through loads of hurdles together being that he was
struggling and incapable of providing for himself and I was obliged to
supporting him financially. Even when it was extreme, like giving him a
semester’s tuition to pay for studio sessions while I stupidly stayed at
home, the things we do for love right?I practically paused my life for
him, for us at a point. The sad part about this whole thing is that I
never got tired I did everything that was within my reach. He stopped to
cater for his kid a while ago, which I took responsibilities for and
started to do diligently..
Now, like most
relationships we had major problems which included the frequent
cheating  and escapades with girls which I obviously endured as I was
consumed by the “main chick” title. Not that I was even getting any good
thing in return,  he never for one day acknowledge me, or made me feel
like we were in a relationship together. I had no simple freedom to do
whatsoever on my own, be it business, friendship etc. 
thing I couldn’t cope with was the fact that he beat me up at every
slightest opportunity he had, he beats me up like a man, he beat me up
so badly infront of our little boy all the time. He assaulted me
regularly, I suffered domestic violence in silence, and this last time
he beat me up so badly and I passed out.. I saw my life flash right
infront of me. I witnessed been close to death, I prayed to survive each
time he pounced on me, damaging several properties nd breaking diff
stuff on my head.
This had to be my last
experience, as I thought to myself, who will take care of my child for
me if I die in his hands? Who will he call mother? Who will stand by
him? So I left the relationship hurriedly without thinking of how much
time, energy, resources that must have been wasted….
PS( I av my tattoo removed already for those of you that want to comment bullshit)……”
However, May D claims she is trying to  bring him down.
He also posted a short musical video with the lyrics ‘no matter how they push me, they can never bring me down…no matter how they try, they can never bring me down”
Mr May D was abandoned by the Okoye brothers because of issues bothering
on his bad personality and his penchant for acting violently under the
influence of marijuana.

Saturday election: The late Abiola’s daughter, Hafsat has got some words for Goodluck Jonathan

Hafsat Abiola-Costello, Late Chief MKO Abiola’s daughter has
admonished president Goodluck Jonathan to smoothly hand over the
presidential cap to his opposition, Major General Buhari if he
eventually loses in tomorrow’s general elections.

In an article titled “At Last, Farewell To Poverty”, Hafsat wrote,
“President Jonathan. Thank you for your efforts to lead Nigeria. Should
the results of the elections not favor you, please be aware that a
smooth handover would still secure you a place among the giants of
Nigeria. The curses that surround those that stood in the way of the
peoples’ mandate on June 12 will never be yours should you lose and yet
demonstrate the exemplary leadership that others failed to show then. Do
not doubt that your name can yet be written in gold.”

And publicly endorsing Major General Buhari, she wrote “In the 2015


Muhammadu Buhari has a final message for Nigerians


The All Progressives Congress (APC) presidential flag bearer, Muhammadu Buhari, has addressed Nigerians in a message tagged Last Campaign at a world news conference in Abuja.

In his message, her urged party faithfuls to treat others with the same kind of respect they expect.
we come out to vote on Saturday, I appeal to all Nigerians to shun
violence in whatever form. It is the right of every adult Nigerian to
vote and expect that their votes would count in a free, fair and
credible election.
we also have a responsibility to respect the choice of others and grant
them the same treatment that we expect,” he said.
further appealed to security agencies to remember that their dream of
one Nigeria was the same with everyone else hence they should safeguard
the will of the...


KFB Movie Review: So I watched Ini Edo’s newly released ‘While You Slept’…was I impressed?

Last week, actress Ini Edo premiered her new movie 'While You Slept' and the attendees kept ranting about how well they enjoyed it so I decided to see it for myself this week.

I got into the cinema hall just in time for the movie to begin. As I scurried to the back of the of the hall to cling to my favorite seat, I found that some couple caught up in their PDA had occupied my spot. I took a deep sigh and looked for another spot.

The title of the movie easily gave up the content but all the same,  I told myself, "Lemme give this a shot"
Cast: Ini Edo, Joseph Benjamin, Venita Akpofure, Bobby Michaels and others
Director: Desmond Elliot
Producer: Emem Isong
Story by: Kehinde Joseph and Chiji Vivians

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