Pastor Kumuyi to scrap some Church traditions and doctrines

Pastor Kumuyi while preaching in during yesterday’s Worship
Service on the topic ‘The Word in A Transformed Believer’ reportedly
chastised some sections of the church.
He expressed his concerns in the
message on how some church leaders have bastardized the church’s
doctrines of which was meant to make some corrections and lead people

He further explained that most of the church doctrines were man
made, and he created them, not that they were from the scriptures- the
reason of which is to set people on the right path are now being
transformed into the things of this world.

He further said that
most traditions that were borrowed into the church are going to be
demolished. He went on to go against the tradition usually observed by
the Church’s marriage committee, which is peculiar to Deeper Life.

asked the congregation of the church “Are we not conforming with the

“Why are you dressing like of the world?” He called on the men to be in charge in their own home.

In his own words, he said “Women
ministry is our own making, and if we find out that the women ministry
is taking us into the world and we are helping each other on how to
leave like the world and marry like the world and deal with your husband
like the world- if it is not helping us and if it is going to hinder
us, we strike if off”

“Before I leave, I mean before I go, I am
going to remove everything that I set up, that I thought will help
Deeper Life and make us Holy, make us sanctified, make us deep, make us
deeper. And I see it is not making us deeper, before I leave, I will
uproot all of them and present to you a pure church before I leave”

am I afraid of? I can only be afraid of the judgement of God, therefore
whoever responds, praise the lord, whoever reacts praise the lord. We
are going to stand on the word of God”

“By the grace of God I am
not going yet, but, before I go and I am telling you and all our leaders
can hear. I am not going to hand over Deeper Life to somebody who will
come and destroy everything we’ve built up for years, because he’s man
pleaser, women pleaser, never! Somebody who will stand on this word and
earnestly defend the faith once delivered unto the saints, that’s what
we are going to do. And the whole church will unite. We are not looking
for graduates, degrees- whoever! Peter did not have a degree”

will maintain that sanctification, Holiness without which no man shall
see the Lord, Whoever will have backbone and be willing to stand
faithful, sacrifice everything and bring to church to obedience to the
word of God, that’s the kind of leader, God will raise up for Deeper
Life after I am gone”

Meanwhile, some members were crying while he was preaching. He himself was sweating profusely.
Here is the link to the video


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According to reports by Vanguard, two police women and four others,
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It was also recorded that the bank manager and his
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vulgar and violent he had ever witnessed.

The Nobel Laureate in an interview with The Guardian UK on Sunday said that;
“We’re talking about
a very positive response by the public in terms of determination to register
and vote but, you know, this has been one of the most vicious, unprincipled,
vulgar and violent exercises I have ever witnessed.I just hope we won’t go down
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