#NigeriaDecides: TB Joshua prays against death of ‘great’ politican

Prophet TB Joshua
Nigerian Prophet T.B. Joshua has warned of the death
of a prominent politician due to ‘heated up’ politics in the wake of the
closely fought Nigerian elections.
“I am seeing Nigerians heating up politics,” the cleric told
his congregation at The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations (SCOAN) on Sunday 29th
March 2015.

“Wednesday and Thursday of this coming week and next
week, make sure you fast and pray,”
Joshua stated just before
the close of his church service at 7pm in a message broadcast live via
Christian television station Emmanuel TV.
“They will heat up politics and a great man among
the politicians will likely lose his life… I am seeing this kind of thing happening
in the night,”
he stated, calling on congregants to take heed of his message and
maintain ‘an attitude of prayer’ on the days specified in order to ‘save souls’.
Earlier in the
service, Joshua reminded congregants of a prophetic message he had shared last
year concerning a ‘dark cloud’ hovering over Nigeria. “Well, we can see God’s hand; God is beginning to remove the cloud,”
he declared to the delight of attendees.
Explaining what
the ‘cloud’ represented, Joshua stated that it meant a situation whereby two political
parties would declare themselves as election winners, leading to a state of ‘lawlessness’.
“Whoever wins the race, let us put Nigeria first –
the nation first,”
he stressed. “The
dark cloud I saw last year was two declarations – but I can see the finger of
God. Thank you for your prayers.”
The controversial
cleric also implored Nigerians to shun violence and consider the nation and its
future first. “There is a difference
between your faith and politics,”
he told his audience and television
“Don’t play politics as if it is your faith. ‘Do or
die’ is not politics. Politics is a game. When you lose, you say, ‘Thank You,
Jesus’; when you win, you say, ‘Thank You, Jesus’.”
He specifically
called on Nigerians, especially the youth, to resist the temptation to be ‘used’
by the political class to incite violence or cause bloodshed. “Take care of yourself and don’t allow
yourself to be used,”
he warned.
“Your future and the future of this nation – Jesus will
ask you to give account. What we are doing now is for generations yet unborn.
Don’t trade this future for money, thuggery or corruption.”

Joshua also
predicted the capture of an international terrorist. “A criminal they have been looking for, for many years, who has been
terrorising the world – I am seeing him being caught and displayed to the world
on international media,”
he announced.


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