#NigeriaDecides “I Am So Proud Of My Husband” – Aisha Buhari, Nigeria’s new first lady speaks

No time! The Beautiful Aisha Buhari is currently showering encomiums on her hubby and Nigerians on twitter.

“I am so proud of my husband and the team who have worked hard to make
this happen. Nigerians are aware now more than ever that the people have
the power to sway the fate of a nation. We must see this as a
triumphant show of democracy, a change for the better. I am excited for
the future of this nation as We now have a mandate for Change.I too have
watched with bated breath as the results have been announced. It has
been a gripping day for democracy in Nigeria.” – Buhari’s Wife “ Aisha
Buhari”just tweeted this….aww!

Now, I chose to be called first lady - Aisha Buhari


  1. What a beautiful woman.. All your faith in your husband is not in vain. All though the failures he had in the previous elections he still didn't give up. I love that spirit. I love Jonathan but as of now I have to accept change.
    Sai Buhari
    Your era has come
    Buhari till 2019

  2. Change in government
    Change in personality
    Change in speech and actions
    Change in nigeria after the first 100years of existence

  3. I would so miss u MAMA PEACE/ TROUBLE but know that your God given talent is comedy because DIA RIS GOD O OOOO.

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