Mercy Johnson & Daughter Purity spotted in Train, explains why she sat with ‘Ordinary People’ (photos)

Yesterday photos
of Nollywood actress Mercy Johnson and her daughter Purity  taking a
ride on one of the fully air-conditioned trains commissioned by the
Goodluck Jonathan’s administration, hit the blogosphere.
the stir that viral photos caused, the actress has released a press
statement (below) via her spokesperson, Big Sam Media, telling why she settled
for the train ride.

My picture
and that of my daughter, Purity in a Lagos train has surfaced online
and quite a number of people have asked me what I was doing in a train
and in Lagos for that matter; not Paris or London.I was around Iddo at
Ebute Metta when my Range Rover developed a mechanical fault and I had
to make a very important appointment
in Ikeja regardless of the usual traffic congestion in Lagos. Luckily, a
member of my management team was around, he suggested a train ride and
we were in Ikeja in less than 30 minutes but that is not the crux of this statement.

Like I mentioned earlier, I have had to answer
questions in private and public as to why I would board a train because
trains in Nigeria are considered a means of transportation for the ordinary
and not-so-rich people. A friend called and said I just devalued my
brand by being on the train with ordinary people. I couldn’t help but
laugh. Are we extra ordinary people because we are celebrities?

as much as I understand the concept of branding, packaging and
exclusiveness, I will never trade the experience to sit, interact and
feel the pulse of so-called ordinary people.

the way, I am part of the ordinary people. I grew up as an ordinary
person among ordinary people. Why would I avoid them now? Would that be
because I am now famous? Without these ordinary people, how would I have
been famous in the first place? Without the so called ordinary people,
where would Nigeria’s growing population of so-called well packaged
celebrities be today?

For the
purpose of clarification, I was not on that train due to lack of money
to get a well packaged cab or to get somebody to bring another car from
the house but, my car developed an unforeseen fault and I needed a fast ,
reliable and convenient alternative immediately as there was urgent
business to be attended to and I respect time a lot.

train was available where I was; most importantly, I did not want to
turn down the opportunity to be with the people who would ordinarily not
have access to me so I grabbed the opportunity with both hands and here
we are.

I want to thank my
co-passengers, officials of the train for treating me with absolute
respect and courtesy, I am indeed, very grateful…


Apart from calling Buhari a braind dead individual, Patience Jonathan said other things yesterday!

The "chief women media campaign officer" for  Goodluck Jonathan re-election bid, Patience Goodluck has composed many songs enough to wax an album from the numerous rallies she has graced with her imposing presence.

At the People's Democratic Party Women Campaign held recently at Lokoja in Kogi state, she dazzled the crowd with a sing along she composed on the spot..

If you vote Buhari, na your
prison; if you vote APC, na your wahala,

She emphasized  the numerous opportunities that her husband's government has given women, from the seventy percent of his cabinet being women, to the eligibility of women to enrolling for the regular combatant course at the
NDA (Nigerian Defence Academy) among others.
“What is change? Why did you not change things when you were
there? Is it now that you want...


Aww! Cobhams Asuquo and his love for Yoruba movies

Award-winning music producer-cum-singer, Cobhams Asuquo loves Yoruba movies alot!
Lately, the 34-year-old has taken to unwinding with Yoruba movies. He
is so in love with them that he watched about 4 movies last Friday.

Revealing this in a series of tweets, he said “Yoruba home videos have remained consistent
in delivering hilarious comedy and sharing life’s lessons from an
African perspective. I’m running late for my appointment because I’m
watching a Yoruba movie! What is this? This is my third today. I just
finished watching the most moving Yoruba movie I’ve seen in years on
Africa magic titled Ero Omo Elemoso. Now eating rice and watching my
fourth Yoruba movie for the day.”

Ever wondered how the visually-impaired watch movies? According to
CNET, good storytelling and descriptive audio is important, but what
really assists them is a free narration...


Patience Jonathan is the new Fayose, she got no love for Buhari!

Image result for picture of patience jonathan

Jonathan has done it again...remember when she called Buhari a child crawling at 72 with nothing to offer (HERE), well, this time, she says that he is an old man with no brains. 

According to the Psychologist Mama Peace,  'old age leads to dead brains'. 

She said this at a People's Democratic Party Women’s rally on Tuesday at
Lokoja, Kogi State. 

Patience Jonathan who is not outrightly young at 57, said that "People when they become old may not reason well and their brain may even
be dead". 
All this she said...

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