Meet Mrs. Olayinka Adeyemo – The Pregnant Tricycle (Keke) Rider

mrs olayinka keke
A Lagos tricycle rider (Keke Napep) has explained why she ventured into a trade believed to be strictly for men.

Despite being heavily pregnant, Mrs Olayinka Adeyemo says she has no choice than to work because she has a family to cater for.
Hear her:
Please madam, how did you get into this keke (tricycle) business?
“My brother, I’m a graduate, but rather than stay idle coupled with
the responsibility of taking care of my young family, a friend of mine
encouraged me to take-up this business. First, I got this tricycle
through a hire-purchase arrangement from this friend, but now it’s mine
because I’m done with paying up the cost of the tricycle.”
How does it feel operating in a man’s world? 
I don’t feel any different. I’m working and the men are working too.
The difference is that I get more considerations from bus-stop touts who
milk us of our earnings because I’m a woman, and when they see my
protruding tummy, they just let me be.
And your condition?
“I’m only pregnant. I’m not sick. Yes, I’m often tired, but this work
is all I have to contribute to my family economy and meet my personal
needs”. And your husband? “He‘s been very supportive and my children and
family members know this is what I do for a living and they respect me
for that”.
Are making a lot of money? 
“I wouldn’t say a lot of money, but it’s better than staying idle, and waiting for my husband to do everything for me.”

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