General Elections: Do any of these fifteen things and be arrested on Saturday

Dear voters and stakeholders, you’re advised to behave yourselves on
Saturday, March 28 and other election days, or the men of the Police
force will lock you up.
According to the Force spokesperson, Emmanuel Ojukwu, the Nigerian
Police would arrest and prosecute anyone who violates 15 electoral
offences on election days.
Here are the 15 ‘do-not-commit’ offences:
1. The casting of vote twice or more.
2. Announcing false election result.
3. Stopping other persons from voting.
4. Revealing information on a ballot paper of another person.
5. Being in possession of another person’s voter card.
6. Disorderly behaviour at polling units.
7. Canvassing for votes.
8. Shouting slogans of a political party.
9. Wielding guns, sticks, stones or other dangerous weapons at polling units.
10. Loitering or walking about at a poling unit.
11. Making use of siren.
12. Snatching or destroying ballot boxes or card readers.
13. Holding public meetings during election hours on Election Day,
14. Wearing or carrying badge or poster of a political party.
15. Inflicting or threatening to inflict injury on any person or persons at a polling unit.

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5 things you should do before the General Elections on Saturday

by Adedayo Ademuwagun
The coming election would’ve been history by now if it
wasn’t for the postponement. But let’s face it. There could have been a
war if it wasn’t for the postponement.

The good thing is that the mood in the country is a lot
lighter now and people are quietly going about their business while they
look forward to the decision day. In about 2 days from now we’ll be lining up in front of those green and white rubber boxes to elect our next president.
However, here are five things you should do before the big day.
1. The candidates
How much do you know about Buhari or Jonathan?
A lot of folks root for one of these two men and condemn the other without having really learned about both of them.

Now we know WHY Amber Rose and Blac Chyna were dumped by their partners

Who knew Comedian Ali Baba was a relationship expert? A few months
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Ace comedian, Ali Baba, has put two and two together and explained
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In a Instagram post published moments ago, he explains that it takes
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17-year-old Kylie.

“I would have just left this picture to do the


Have you seen Buhari’s signature? It’s probably the most simple you’ve ever seen

The presidential aspirants of the People's
Democratic Party, Goodluck Jonathan  and
the All Progressives Congress, Muhammed Buhari have signed a Peace Accord
following the peace pact signed alongside other presidential candidates January
this year. See document after the cut

The document was signed during a peace meeting
organised by the National Peace Committee for
the 2015 General Elections, chaired by Abdulsalam Abubakar
The peace meeting was aimed “extracting commitment
from the leading...

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