Aww, you think Mide Funmi-Martins’ husband is using jazz on her, she’s got response for you + why she bleached

Afeez Owo Mide Martins husband

Many times, peeps say the beautiful Yoruba actress, Mide Funmi-Martins is way too perfect for her husband Abiodun Afeez-Owo. They say they can’t comprehend why she would settle for such a man that is so unfit for her cos he is not so fine.
Well, she has addressed the issue and has also opened up on why she loves him (very touching story) and she says she actually bleached her skin, see excerpts from her interview with Kemi Filani blog below:
Why she married her husband, Afeez Owo: It is a
normal thing for one to develop affection and feelings for someone who
is always there for you… especially the person that was really of help
when no one was there. My husband was the only person that was there for
me during this period and that’s one of the reasons I fell for him.
And then I love him actually. He was my mum’s manager before she died
but before she died we were best of friends and that’s where the
feelings started from. So after she died we became even closer, go out
together, work together on some of the movie scripts mummy left behind
and from there, things started going and thank God this is our 12th year together.

Success in the industry: If mum were still alive, I
wouldn’t have been this successful. She wouldn’t have allowed me, in
short I never planned to be an actress all my life. I did not even like
the career before, I wouldn’t even be in the industry because I came
into the industry mainly because of my mum’s fame.
When she died, I just thought about it that I had to take it up from
where she stopped so that she’d be remembered forever, imagine if I
hadn’t taken it, many would probably have gotten who she was today.
That’s why I took it up and to God be the glory I made the right
decision. I never thought it would be this fun but I’m loving it, when
I’m on location, it takes away all my sorrows, I love my job so much.
Her alleged crashed marriage: Well, let me say this,
you cannot please the world. I have heard series of interviews on this
particular issue but I just don’t know why people sit down and write
lies about me and my marriage. I am happily married, I live with my
husband and children. We were together a few minutes back, we don’t have
crisis. Fine, we have normal quarrels that happen between couples but
none has ever extended outside our home.
That she cheats with a particular sugar daddy: I
don’t know what to say anymore, they should bring photos and evidence of
the sugar daddy that I am cheating on him. See me, I hardly go out, if I
am not on location, I am in my house. I am a workaholic, after my
family, then my job is next so how do I have to see any sugar daddy.
I depend on the work of my hand and God ‘cos they are the only ones
that can take me far in this life so I don’t have time for any nonsense,
and they are just bad belle people.
The misconception that her husband is not fit for her:
Well, love is a very funny thing. It happens in the most unexpected
way, you might be the first lady of a country and fall in love with a
gardener and you won’t just know how to explain it, love is not
something you can just explain.
Whom you fall in love with is not something you can control. When we first started, I myself thought it was jazz cos people were saying it too, but one thing about jazz is that when you are being jazzed you won’t realize it, you wouldn’t even think of it once cos the jazz would have blindfolded you.
But I have been with him for the past 12 years, I am sure that if he actually used jazz
on me, it would have been impotent by now….so it’s natural, it’s funny,
strange but I’m in love with my husband, with just the way he is.
Probably if I have married a more handsome man, we would have
divorced or separated since and not be living happily as we are now.
But I married this man and I ‘m happy with him, happy with my
marriage and I have a happy life. What more do I want or need, I am
happy with my husband, I just wish I can tell the whole world that I am
happy with this man, stop all this nonsense talk, he did not use Jazz on
me, I love him just the way he is.

Bleaching: It is not a crime to me, it is not a
crime to change your skin color. One thing I believe is that when you
are fairer it brings out more beauty in you, so there is nothing wrong
in lightning your skin a lil’ bit, just don’t overdo it.
There is no offence in it after all it is not a legal offence….yes,
there is this belief that Black is beautiful but it doesn’t fit some
people. It is the truth, black doesn’t fit everybody but when you are
fairer you become more beautiful and that is why I am prettier now.
And in this our industry, that’s what sells the most. It is not as if
you have to fair skinned to be in Nollywood but that is how I view it
for myself. It is a personal decision so I lightened up a bit to become
more beautiful and attractive and fit into major roles…and I don’t think
I have overdone it, it’s just normal.


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