Aww! Patience Jonathan may be anything but sure has respect for elders


Patience Jonathan may not know how to speak in public but she sure has respect for elders!

While campaigning at the PDP women rally in Rivers state yesterday, the First Lady described the opposition party as rascals that have no respect for elders. 

Patience Jonathan said they have been abusing her and her husband over the attack at APC rally in Okrika on Feb 17th and she doesn’t have any plan to answer them. In her words, she said that, 

“They are rascals and I will not respond to them. Don’t let me open my mouth to talk about these rascals. The Rivers monorail will not be completed until hundred (years). It will remain like that until my great grandchildren are born. We did not vote for these people. We in Rivers State voted Celestine Omehia, but these people came and took our mandate away and today they are abusing us. They don’t have respect for elders. They are busy abusing me and my husband. I will not answer them. In Rivers State, we respect elders but these rascals have no respect for their elders. We must vote them out in April.”

Hmm, Madam no doubt has got respect for elders. (lips sealed)



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