Aww! Cobhams Asuquo and his love for Yoruba movies

Award-winning music producer-cum-singer, Cobhams Asuquo loves Yoruba movies alot!
Lately, the 34-year-old has taken to unwinding with Yoruba movies. He
is so in love with them that he watched about 4 movies last Friday.

Revealing this in a series of tweets, he said “Yoruba home videos have remained consistent
in delivering hilarious comedy and sharing life’s lessons from an
African perspective. I’m running late for my appointment because I’m
watching a Yoruba movie! What is this? This is my third today. I just
finished watching the most moving Yoruba movie I’ve seen in years on
Africa magic titled Ero Omo Elemoso. Now eating rice and watching my
fourth Yoruba movie for the day.”

Ever wondered how the visually-impaired watch movies? According to
CNET, good storytelling and descriptive audio is important, but what
really assists them is a free narration service called Audio
Description. To fill in the gaps where images are necessary to explain
the story, some films offer video description, an audio track on which
the visual elements are described out loud during breaks in the

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Patience Jonathan is the new Fayose, she got no love for Buhari!

Image result for picture of patience jonathan

Jonathan has done it again...remember when she called Buhari a child crawling at 72 with nothing to offer (HERE), well, this time, she says that he is an old man with no brains. 

According to the Psychologist Mama Peace,  'old age leads to dead brains'. 

She said this at a People's Democratic Party Women’s rally on Tuesday at
Lokoja, Kogi State. 

Patience Jonathan who is not outrightly young at 57, said that "People when they become old may not reason well and their brain may even
be dead". 
All this she said...

The day after: Toke makinwa still doesn’t find THAT remote + she is deeply troubled

Toke Makinwa Goes on a Twitter Rant About Her Driver 
Yesterday, Media personality Toke Makinwa had quite a bit to say on twitter.
According to her, her driver lost the remote of her car and it threw her whole day off – resulting in a Twitter rant. It is so big a deal that she has decided to do a VLOG on it.


Ladies, here’s some tricks on how to cut onions without shedding tears


Super Cook, Matse Uwatse has just given us an eye opener ladies.
As we all know, onions are used widely for cooking delicious are a few ways of cutting onions without shedding tears.

1. Wear swimming goggles. This is hilarious but probably the most fool proof way to avoid onion tears.

2. Cut onion under water or under running water.

3. Freeze onion for thirty minutes before cutting.

We hope this helps prevent your onion tears.

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