Whitney Houston’s daughter, Bobby Kristina, needs our prayers (photos)

Over the weekend Whitney Houston’s daughter Bobbi Kristina was found unconscious in a bathtub.

According to reports it was as a result
of a suicide attempt and Bobbi Kristina, who is currently at North
Fulton Hospital, has a significantly diminished brain function.

Bobbi’s father, R&B singer Bobby Brown arrived at the hospital around 7:30 p.m. Saturday, accompanied by family friend, director/playwright Tyler Perry.
Bobby Brown, released a brief statement through his attorney today saying “Privacy
is requested in this matter. Please allow for my family to deal with
this matter and give my daughter the love and support she needs at this

Entertainment Tonight reports that her father Bobby Brown, husband Nick Gordon
and others have been advised to prepare for the worst and that the
longer the 21-year-old remains in the coma, the more likely it will be
that she will not regain consciousness. They are praying for her
recovery but have also started to discuss how they would handle funeral
Recall that Whitney died in a bathtub at the Beverly Hilton on
February 11 … three years ago!


9 Reasons Why God Might Not Come When You Call Him

Some days (weeks, months, seasons, years) I feel hard-pressed. Like life has me between a mortar and pestle and is pounding me into fine dust. I know you can relate.

You sweat and groan and weep and rage and cannot find relief. The intense pressure doesn’t stop. You plead for rescue, yet the vise of life’s circumstances squeezes tighter and tighter until you think you might scream, and sometimes you do.

“Why doesn’t God rescue me?” you cry, and the question echoes back. “Why?”

I believe there are at least nine reasons why God sometimes chooses not to rescue us. If you’re feeling hard-pressed today or know someone who is, I invite you to prayerfully consider these reasons and ask the Lord to show you which might apply to your situation.
Why God Chooses Not to Rescue Us

1. We don’t believe he can

God works in response...


Wow! The last time this 50 year old woman smiled was when she was 10 (photos)

Meet Tess, a 50 year old woman, who works as a cooking instructor for
a vegetable produce company and has not broken into a smile in the past
40 years.

Although she is not devoid of humor, the last time she smiled was when she was 10 years old.

Not even the birth of her daughter was strong enough to make her smile.

Daily Mail reports that she always sits stony-faced while her friends giggle around her.

Tess says that maintaining a perennial poker face is a crucial way to keeping her — admittedly, impressive — youthful looks.

‘It’s not as if I’m miserable. I love life. I just don’t feel the
need to show it by walking around with a rictus grin on my face.


Muna Obiekwe’s wife, Ibinabo Fiberesima, others were inconsolable at his candle light procession (photos)

Actors Guild of Nigeria (AGN), honored the late Muna Obiekwe with a
candlelight procession yesterday.
procession began at the Masha Roundabout in Surulere, Lagos and ended at Ojez Restaurant inside the National Stadium, also in
Several actors and members of the public are present at the occasion.
Widow of the deceased is also at the event.
See more photos below:

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