First Impression always matters! You can learn a thing or two from this story :)

Guys, first impression always and always, always, always matters, be nice…and this story is a perfect example of that. One HR executive Matt Buckland
has narrated how a man pushed past him and told him to go ‘f***
himself’ as they were both getting off a packed train at Monument
Station in central London on Monday Feb. 16th.

He said the man insulted him because he’d stood aside to let a woman off
the train. Thinking he was deliberately standing in the way, the man, a
job seeker, pushed him aside and told him to f**k off.

“I was on my way into work on the Tube on Monday morning during rush
hour. I stood to one side to let a lady get by, and ended up blocking a
man momentarily. I think he thought I was just standing in his way. He
pushed and I turned, I explained I was getting off too but he pushed
past and then looked back and suggested I might like to f***
myself,which might have been true but not before a few cups of coffee’  he told Buzzfeed.

Well, guess what? Hours later, the same man walked in for an interview
at investment firm Forward Partners where Mr Buckland is a senior
executive and head of recruitment.

Despite the heated exchange, the job seeker did not recognize his
interviewer as soon as he arrived. So Mr Buckland asked him a few train
abuse related questions until the the shocked man realized that his
interviewer is actually the same man he had abused earlier in the day.

The head of recruitment said he did not hold it against the interviewee, but the man was not offered the job.

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