Pastor E.A Adeboye kinda hurts Yemi Osinbajo during meeting with Christian Leaders; Tunde Bakare fumes

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The Serving
Overseer of the Latter Rain Assembly and Convener of the Save Nigeria
Group, Pastor Tunde Bakare has lashed out at CAN and PFN for endorsing
President Goodluck Jonathan for the 14 February presidential election at
the expense of one of their own, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo, the running mate
to the All Progressives Congress, APC, presidential candidate, Muhammadu

Bakare, who had repeatedly called for the
postponement of the elections, said during his sermon at the weekend
that he learnt Christian leaders held a secret meeting where they
endorsed Jonathan, saying that the reason Christian leaders said they
won’t support him (Bakare) in 2011 when he was running mate to Buhari
was because they claimed he was too controversial and had never
contested any election before.
He asked: “Why have they refused to support Osinbajo who is not a radical in 2015?”
lamented that the development could lead to a sharp division within the
church, insisting that because 2014 was not fixed, a dangerous storm
would brew after the general elections since all the stakeholders have
refused to heed his warning that the polls should be postponed.
his sermon titled “The Sweet And Sour Ministry Of The Prophet”, Bakare
said “a prophet is sent to bring change not build consensus,” adding
that “ whenever you compromise what is right in order to gain acceptance
with men, you lose acceptance with God.”
He said some
of the compromising Christian leaders he often described as palace
prophets, were only after their pockets, which was why they have queued
behind Jonathan and rejected their ‘son’.
The biblical
quotation, “He came unto his own, and his own received him not,” played
out itself a few days ago when the Christian Association of Nigeria,
CAN, and the Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria, PFN, rejected Pastor
Osinbajo who came to them for support for his political ambition. They
told him that they were for President Jonathan.
of CAN and PFN had met at the Redemption Camp of the Redeemed Christian
Church of God, RCCG, to pray for the nation and the forthcoming
election, but the meeting turned out to be for a secret endorsement of
Jonathan’s candidacy.
In attendance at the meeting, P.M.NEWS
gathered, were Pastor Enoch Adeboye, General Overseer, RCCG; Bishop
David Oyedepo of the Winners Chapel; Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor, CAN
President; Rev. Felix Omobude, PFN President; Pastor Paul Adefarasin,
PFN Vice President; Pastor Wale Adefarasin of the Guiding Light Assembly
and other key Christian leaders in the nation.
Pastor Osinbajo was also at the meeting to seek their blessing to support him and the candidacy of General Muhammed Buhari.
Paul Adefarasin was said to have broken the silence when he asked
Adeboye who they should support since his ‘son’, Pastor Osinbajo is
vying for the vice presidency with Buhari. They wanted Aeboye to say
something and Osinbajo was watching as he believed that ‘Baba’ will
certainly ask other leaders to endorse him, but he was disappointed.
was said to have told them that he is a man under authority and that
since he is under the authority of CAN and PFN, whoever they endorsed,
he would support and go with them.
It was then that
Oyedepo stood up and said he had prayed and that God was leading him to
endorse and support Jonathan and that was the script the Christian
leaders adopted at the expense of Osinbajo.
Instead of
the meeting being for prayer for the nation, it was gathered that it
turned out to be for the secret endorsement of Jonathan as all the
leaders present except Osinbanjo agreed that CAN and PFN should go with
Osinbajo was not allowed to address the
Christian leaders, giving the excuse that since the other contesting
party was not present, they would not allow him to address the audience.
He was said to be downcast as his own rejected his aspiration.
has been campaigning for Jonathan through messages being sent on Wasap
to discredit the candidacy of Buhari in order to sway people to support
In one of the messages sent by CAN, it said that “during Babangida’s  regime,
he sold Nigeria to (Organisation of Islamic Countries) OIC” in order to
Islamise Nigeria with an agreement that OIC will be supporting Nigeria
financially and materially to accomplish their mission. And every year,
Nigeria will be paying interest to OIC. So from IBB’s regime, Nigeria
has been paying, until 1999 when Obasanjo who is a Christian came and
stopped it for eight years.
“Then, in 2007 Yar’Adua
came in and paid the outstanding debt of Obasanjo to OIC, with an
interest and apology, he also paid his own from 2007 – 2010 and died.
Goodluck Jonathan came in and stopped it for six years now and OIC
constitution said that any member nation that stopped this payment for
10 years will be automatically excommunicated. Now GEJ has ruled Nigeria
from 6th May, 2010 – 2015. He is seeking for 2nd tenure that will make
it 10 years so that Nigeria will be delivered from the blood sucking
Islamic religion,” CAN said in the text message, believed to be
sponsored by Pastor Oritsejafor.
CAN further said that
was why APC Presidential candidate, Buhari has been fighting to rule
Nigeria since Obasanjo’s administration to date.
Nigeria’s 100 years centenary was in 2014. And any religion that starts
to rule from this 2015 will take dominion till the next 100 years.
Note: I am not campaigning for GEJ, but I am just revealing a secret to
my fellow Christians to vote for religion. Forget Boko Haram. OIC
masterminded it to distract us, it will soon be over.
did not have the monopoly of terrorism, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Egypt,
Pakistan, Kuwait, Somalia, etc have. This entire nation has been
fighting terrorism since in the 80s yet… Don’t personalize this secret
please! Make sure you send it to all your friends and everybody around.
May God bless you, as you will vote for a Christian President in Nigeria
election – 2015. Remember, God will judge you for using your thumb to
dig the grave of his Church –CAN,” the Wasap message said.

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