Emir of Kano, Sanusi reveals how he was once slapped for exposing theft

The Former CBN Governor who was unceremoniously relieved of his duties at about this time last year, and had his coronation as the Emir of Kano recently,
has revealed how he was once slapped for exposing stealing.

 While recalling  his past experiences  at his Alma mata, Saint
Ann School, in a recent chat with Leaderhsip Newspaper,  the Emir who was about seven or eight years old then claimed his colleagues discovered that their biscuits and other
provisions repeatedly got missing…so they concluded that the matron who had access to
their belongings must be stealing from them.

The school was initially a girls only school until
it incorporated boys. The school authority permitted the boys students
to use the school dormitory to keep their belongings and a matron was
appointed to supervise and took care of the boys’ boxes.

Sanusi however led his first demonstration after he had discovered that his own box had been emptied.

According to him, when he
discovered that it was the matron that had actually
been stealing from his school box, he confronted her and the action earned him a
slap from the angry matron.

Oh by the way,  the Emir revealed he was the best in Bible Knowledge and had scored a distinction in
Bible Knowledge in his common entrance examination.

He further explained that there are similar happenings in the Bible, particularly the old testament and the Quran which knowledge he gained from attending Islamiyya School.

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