Bobbi Kristina’s Family already fighting over her fortune as she lies in coma

Bobbi Kristina is worth an estimated $20 million thanks to the
inheritance she received from her mother’s estate and that staggering
bank balance is causing serious trouble for her family.

Bobbi Kristina Brown, 21, was found face down in her bathtub on Jan. 31 — almost three years after her mother Whitney Houston died
the same way — and as if that wasn’t tragic enough now her family is
spiraling into a “toxic” fight over her massive fortune, Hollywood life reports.


Bobbi Kristina’s situation just keeps getting more heartbreaking! As
she lays in an Atlanta hospital fighting for her life her family has
turned on each other.

Not only have they banned her love Nick Gordon from her bedside
but now they are battling each other for the staggering fortune she
will leave behind if they are forced to end her life support.

 “It’s so sad and the worst part is that no one gets along with anyone. “It’s so toxic and twisted I mean you’d think at this point money
would be the least of their concerns but unfortunately it’s the big
elephant in the room. They’re already fighting over the estate it’s just
a very toxic situation.”

But not everyone is planning for Bobbi Kristina’s demise.
Her grandmother Cissy Houston still believes that Bobbi Kristina will survive and she’s playing Whitney’s music in her hospital room to help bring her back.

“Cissy is keeping her hands together and hoping for a miracle. She’s
hoping something miraculous will happen — anything to wake Krissy up.
She thinks the sound of Whitney‘s voice will heal Bobbi Kristina,” a family source tells Hollywoodlife.

“She told a relative of hers to play Nippy’s ‘I Didn’t Know My Own Strength.’ She said, ‘That song powered
Nippy (Cissy’s nickname for Whitney) through one of her dark periods,
maybe it will help Krissy come back to me,” our source adds.

We sure hope that Cissy’s love and Whitney’s music can help Bobbi
Kristina recover.


TB Joshua claims he predicted election postponement

Amidst the controversy swirling around the decision by the electoral commission to postpone Nigeria’s elections by six weeks, Nigerian Prophet T.B. Joshua has released a video online with a prophecy he allegedly gave one year ago.

“What I am seeing is heavy. I am seeing rain – the cloud is darker. The fulfillment of 2015 – pray for it,” Joshua told congregants on February 9th 2014 in a clip uploaded to YouTube channel ‘Emmanuel TV’.
“Is that not the time of elections? Democracy is sweet – pray that your democracy would not be rubbished,” he continued.
Clarifying further, the cleric added, “I
am seeing disagreement at the end of the day and that disagreement can
result to anything. Nigeria, these are the challenges you are going to

Doyin Okupe embarrassed by Journalists, trades words with twitter users

doyin okupe

Presidential spokesperson, Doyin Okupe recently held a press
conference to discredit the presidential candidate of the All
Progressive Congress party,  Muhammad Buhari –  he however got the

While giving his speech, Doyin said “General Buhari is not
electable and would not be elected by the grace of God, And why I am
saying that is this, Nigeria would not have a president that has not
gone to school, This is not going to happen, In Nigeria it will not
happen, In Nigeria it would not happen….” but he was stopped by the
reaction from the attendees who did not shop booing at him and screaming
“APC!! APC!! APC!! APC!! APC!! APC!! APC!! APC!! APC!! APC!! APC!!
APC!! APC!! APC!! APC!! APC!! APC!! APC!!!! APC!! APC!! APC!! APC!!

He had to walk away in shame.

Some Nigerians...


Nkiru Sylvanus says she is not married to Oge Okoye’s ex husband, tells the true story!

children's day

So, Nkiru Sylvanus has opened up on
her relationship with Oge Okoye's ex-husband, Stanley Duru. See excerpts from her recent interview with LIB:What's your reaction to the report making the rounds that you are getting married?

Now ok, first I've been married on the internet for more than three
times! They first got me married in 2008, then they got me married again
in 2011 and now, they are getting me married again in 2014/2015. I'm
beginning to ask, why do they like to get me married? If I were married
in 2008 and again married in 2011, why again should I be getting married
again in 2015? That means they were all lies. It's all rumours. Some
people will report this stuff like they know...

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