Aww, How Pastor Taiwo Odukoya found love again with South African Nomthi after losing Bimbo in 2005

Pastor Nomthi Rosemary Odukoya wife of the founder of the Fountain of
Life Bible church, Taiwo Odukoya, has opened up on their five years of

The Odukoyas
Pastor Taiwo Odukoya lost his first wife, his partner, his friend,
the mother of his children, Pastor Bimbo Odukoya whose “Single &
Married” ministry changed lives, helped heal and build relationships on
the 10th of December 10th 2005.

However, in January 2010, Pastor Taiwo Odukoya married South African
Miss Rosemary Simangele Zulu at the Civic Centre in Lagos – Nigeria.

In a chat with Punch newspaper, the now mother of two, was born in
South Africa, in a town called Pine-town, Durban claimed she did not
envision getting married to a pastor.

“I did not know I was going to serve God in this capacity. I was
against it because I thought pastors were responsible for peoples’
lives. I believed it was a burden too much to bear and I did not want to
be held accountable if people did not live according to the gospel of
Christ. I felt serving God and supporting the gospel in whatever way I
could, was enough. I did not see myself in a leadership position in a
country other than South Africa for that matter.”

Narrating how they met, she said  “He came to minister at Triumphant
Church International, London where I worshiped. I did not have my eyes
on him, because like every other minister that had come before him, I
saw him as a man of God. I found his message amazing and absorbing. I
even bought one of his books -Home Affairs. After the conference, my
pastor told me someone was interested in me. I declined because I was
seeing someone then. The relationship eventually did not work out and I
informed my pastor but not immediately. To cut the long story short,
Pastor Taiwo had a stopover in London and that was the first time we
met. Before then, my pastor had given him my telephone number and he had
called me. When he proposed to me, I did not like the idea of getting
married to a widower. I took my time, prayed about it and I became
convinced it was what God wanted for me. Being married to him is amazing
and it has brought out potentials, I never knew I had. I don’t have to
pray and say Lord help my husband go to church today. There is no

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On being married for five years, she said “I would be lying if I
said, I am not snowed under. I think I am just who I am. I focus more on
God’s expectations of me and my personal expectations. I am wise and
understand that God has given us people to help us. I don’t overstress
myself and I allow people to assist when necessary.”

On being compared to late Pastor Bimbo Odukoya, she said “Everybody
is comfortable in their own skin and I understand that God has different
callings and purposes for people. All we need to do is fulfil our
purpose and celebrate other peoples calling. Fountain of Life Church is a
wonderful one; they have accepted me for who I am. You would think I
have been there forever.”

She further spoke on the relationship with her step-children “They
are good children and I am a good step-mother. We have accepted each
other but that is not to say we don’t have our issues as a family. What
you can’t take away from us, is that we love each other.”
Pastor Odukoya Wedding 1
On turning 40, she said “At 40, I have not achieved all I want to,
but I am happy where I am. I try to work out as often as I can and when
its relaxation time, I read books and listen to worship music. I look
for clothes that call my name. I think clothes have a character and tell
a story so I wear only clothes that tell my story.”


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