A True Love Story! The banker who fell for his customer – Grace and Henry

It’s the month of LOVE and guess what the KFB True Love story Series is back!
All through January, we were trying to create some sort of balance and decided to kick off fully this month… 

Henry And Grace

Meet our very first couple of the year, Henry and Grace – their love and proposal story will wow you!

am happy to walk down the road of life with you, as friends. For us,
it’s not about reaching a destination. Just spending time with you in
this journey is all I need to feel happy….
How we met
Henry: I  am a staff in one of the Nigerian
Banks and on this faithful Wednesday morning I had to attend to a lot of
customers on the queue alongside my colleagues. 
I want to be very close to someone I respect and admire and have somebody who feels the same way about me.
Lo and
behold i saw this
beauty (omalicha) on the queue. I wanted to be the one to attend to her
so I quickly rushed the people i was attending to and gbam, she was in
front of me.
I said a quick hello and she replied with a very formal tone and before i
what was going on she had left.
For you see, each day, I love you more 
Today more than yesterday and less than tomorrow.
But as fate would have it she kept coming
to the bank for one transaction or the other due to the nature of her job and
that’s how we became friends.  I would
always complement on her dressing, her nails or hair when she’s around cos i
love to see that smile on her face.

Being someone’s first love may be great, but to be their last is beyond perfect.
Though she was already in a relationship
at that time but i never gave up. Some way, some how she agreed to go out on a
date with me and there and then she opened up about so many things ,that was
when i knew she was the one …i just felt it
Her calm yet ‘stubborn’ acts was what
actually attracted me.

“No matter what has happened. No matter what you’ve done. No matter what you will do. I will always love you. I swear it.”

 Grace: Okay my job demands that i visit the bank
on a regular. I never noticed him until he started throwing complements at me
whenever am around. If its not my hair its my nails or anything then i
was forced to notice him.
Charming Grace
 I sha gisted my besty bout him and she told me she
knew him and that he had actually been begging her to introduce me to him but
she didn’t know how to tell me cos i was sooooo not interested in ‘man’ wahala
to think i was even in a complicated relationship at that time.

“I never loved you any more than I do, right this second. And I’ll never love you any less than I do, right this second.”

After all the shakara i agreed to go out
on a date with him and then i got to know him better. I found him really
attractive but just needed to be sure and take my time so i still did small
shakara even after the date.
After much thinking and waiting and
prayer, i decided to give it a shot. The beginning of our relationship wasn’t
all that rosy but each time we tried to quit we got a hundred other reasons why
we shouldn’t and here we are today. Doesn’t even feel like we have ever
His sense of humour and jovial nature
attracted me to him.
Proposal story:
“I knew the second I met you that there was something about you I
needed. Turns out it wasn’t something about you at all. It was just
Henry:  I had got her ring and kept it for
over a month just thinking of the right place and time to pop the
question.  Her best friend’s wedding came
up  and they were supposed to have an
after wedding party the next day so i decided to cease the opportunity
I planned with her besty’s husband but the
D-day at queen’s bar Eleguchi came and the people i planned with to pull the
surprise were stuck in traffic…choi! i needed to change plans and do it fast.
Serial killer of Port Harcourt girls arrested by police
I quickly went to the manager and told
them my intentions so they quickly arranged something for me. When they were
set, i took my baby to the dance floor, we danced for a while and then it all
began. The MC stopped the music and we were at the middle of the floor. She was
beckoning on me for us to go sit down cos she didn’t understand what we were
still doing there even after the music. Before she knew it, i went down on my
knee and asked her to be part of my forever.  
And of course she said YES.

I have fallen hopelessly in
love with you. Take me into your arm s &into the private
world you keep trapped in your head.   I want to know every curve, every freckle, every shiver of your body.
I want to know where to
touch you, I want to know how to touch you. I want to be spend the rest of my life with you.”
Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, Henry…waiting for this priceless moment all my life!
Orji Uzor Kalu found guilty of N7.65bn fraud
I love you because you bring out the best in me, and holding on to that
thought, I sincerely believe that just by being with you shall bring out
the best life I ever could live
Grace: A day after my besty’s wedding we
went to the beach for a party she organised with her husband. We got there and
the people that even organised it weren’t around. Was just angry so i helped
myself with suya to calm me down (yes i love suya!). After some time he asked
me to dance so we got dancing. Though i noticed he was a bit distracted looking
here and there so i asked and he said he invited someone and he had to look for
the person.
Before i knew what was going on MC stopped
the dj and just i and Henry were in the middle of the dance floor. I was so shy
cos everybody was now looking at us. MC started saying some things about love
and as i turned back to leave, Le Boo was on one knee and people started
screaming.  He said the most beautiful
things to me and popped the question….i was just laughing anyhow and
nodding…and he slipped that beautiful ring in my finger.
To us, our future has just begun

Don’t you just love these two!
Grace and Henry will walk down the aisle in a few months from now and their wedding photos and details will be published on KFB.
Got a wedding you would love to feature on the series, you can always reach us on
[email protected]
Happy loving 🙂


Tireni Adebayo

Tireni Adebayo is the Editor of Kemi Filani News. She has BSC in Mass Communication from the Redeemer's University and M.A in Mass Communication from the University of Lagos (2014 - 2015) where she majored in Public Relations and Advertising and Digital Media.  When she is not writing, she is either listening to music or reading her favorite books. Tel: +2348000000901 Address: Herbert Macaulay, Yaba, Lagos, Nigeria Email: [email protected]


    1. Obviously she is. She is just very pretty and not like the others who have red spots all over. She must come from a rich family I see

  1. Kemi are you for real? You disappeared w/o the TLS for weeks and you return without apologizing for going mia, come on things are not done that way gal. You owe us an apology hun.
    Meanwhile nice story sha, that's how i met my current husband too. We met exactly like this in Zenith bank last year March and married in November.

    1. And so what, so she should go on her knee and start crying I am sorry for not noting publishing Love bla bla on KFB abi, you better go. And and give ur hubbie a head.

    2. @Deborah, you met and married in less than a year, are you freaking kidding me? I'm not surprised sha, most of these bankers are just there to check out cute customers or customers with fat purses. Nice nails you got there Gracey

  2. hahahha. isnt this grace in masscomm? Run. hmmmm sisi kemiiii me sef go snd my own ooo. sinx na RUN ways u dey go and by the way i sent a amail to u abt my blog, i am yet to hear from u. help ur sis out.

  3. When I read this earlier I tried hard to hold back my comment but on coming back I decided to say it. Grace is too fine for this Henry guy, what charm did he use on her please. Kemi if you like eat my comment.

    1. There are somethings that are better left unsaid, moreover beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. Stay there and waiting for fine boy all your life and let
      s see how quick you would find one. It is the fine boy mentality that is killing many nigerian single ladies today, you would hear them say , any guy i must marry must be handsome, may God help you

  4. It is funny how i have always prayed to God to gimme a banker or an accountant as a boo only to end up with civil servants. There is this particular banker i so much love at GTB, Abule Egba Lagos but he never ever notices me

    1. depends on the civil servant my dear, if you see the allowances some federal parastatals pay you would know bankers are poor

  5. @20.47 oniranu nie. Instead of thanking God for having a civil servant you are out for a banker that is living on loans. Wishing the lover birds all the best.

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