Why i quit my marriage – Moji Olaiya

Popular Yoruba actress, Moji Olaiya, in this new interview with Vanguard, explains why she walked out of her marriage. See excerpts below:
Are you a Muslim or a Christian?

I am a Muslim.

But you were once a Christian, what happened?

Yes, I converted. I fell in love with Islam. I am not saying Christianity is not an acceptable religion but as an adult, I am at liberty to choose any religion I like. I might decide not to practice any religion tomorrow.

Is this traceable to your background; having a Muslim mother that converted Christianity?

Somehow she might have influenced me because as a child I watched her go to the mosque five times a day. I love Islam; their mode of praying is peaceful. The religion does not have the denominational problem like Christianity. I can go into any mosque to pray any time.

What is your relationship with popular Victor Olaiya as some believe you are not his child?

I don’t want to say much about this. If these people say I am his niece, does that not also make him my relative. And as relatives, I can also call him father. So this issue is not logical regardless of their arguments. He is my father.

Which female accessories would you never be caught without?

My earrings and wristwatches.


I am not addicted to any brand of perfumes. I go for any as long as it is a designer perfume and has nice fragrance.

How have you been coping after separation from your husband?

A woman needs a man in her life. There are things a man would do that you cannot do as a woman but I have no regret leaving my marriage.

Why did you say you have no regrets?

I have no regret leaving my marriage but I regret not being under a man’s roof. It is not respectable in this part of the world. But I try to comport myself even as a divorced woman and as a typical Yoruba woman and to avoid scandal. I have a daughter to protect and cater for.

What was the cause of your failed marriage?

The marriage was not working so I had to quit. My partner went as far as abusing me so I had to leave to protect myself and my daughter.

You mean domestic violence?

Yes, domestic violence is just the right word.

Any man in the picture at present?

I am in a relationship but I am yet to be legally separated from my husband.

Were you legally married?

Yes. So at the right time I will reveal who the man is. I need somebody beside me.

Is your new film, Monsurat, born out of your marital experience?

Our mothers tell us that being over protective of one’s husband does more harm than good. Monsurat is a story of a jealous woman who became a tigress in protecting her marriage. She went diabolical and this affected her husband’s business. Later on her husband found solace in the arms of another woman and that was how she lost all. It is a story meant to educate our women to keep their space in the hearts of their men.

What is your perception of life?

Life is interesting when you keep a free mind towards others. When you suspect everyone around you, you cage yourself and your feelings and it means you don’t trust yourself too. Whatever situation you find yourself, know that life will go on; it will only stop when you are tired of going on.


How to be a secondary virgin – Temilolu Okeowo

Written by Temilolu Okeowo
My Great Nigerian Sisters,
I welcome you all to 2015-your year of
great glory and wondrous manifestation of your destiny! I assure you, no
longer shall the sun be your light by the day nor the moon be your
light by night because as you make up your mind to be a secondary virgin
and stay chaste, God will be your light and showcase you to the world
in Jesus name. AMEN!

Sex was designed by God to be enjoyed by
two people married to each other but sadly, the enemy of our existence,
the devil, daily uses it to war against us and deprive us of the
goodness of God (believe it or not). Girls, ladies and women all over
the world need some serious mental renovation which I’ll be discussing
Mental Renovation


2015 Election: This Reverend Father is not smiling at GEJ at all


Rev. Father. Ejike Mbaka, the founder of Adoration Ministry, Enugu, is awfully displeased with President Goodluck Jonathan.

Only two months ago, the cleric annointed First Lady, Patience
Jonathan, and prophesied that her husband would win his re-election in

However, he seems to have had a change of heart, going by his prediction during the end-of-year Adoration mass to usher in 2015.

Delivering a sermon tagged, “From Good luck to Bad luck”, Father
Mbaka urged Nigerians to vote out Jonathan, while adding that he got a
revelation from God, which proved that the president would lose at the
presidential election.
He disclosed that he got the revelation from God, when one of the
birds he released during the visit of Patience Jonathan, refused to fly.


Tunde Bakare reveals 2015 Prophecy

The General Overseer of the Latter Rain Assembly, Pastor Tunde Bakare, has prophesied that Abducted Chibok girls would return this year.

Speaking during the church’s crossover service into the New Year on Thursday morning, Bakare told his congregation thus:

The Chibok girls will be returned this year; some people will say ‘they are just using religion to deceive themselves. How will the girls be rescued?’ You will see. I didn’t say it, it is what God said and I believe it.”

Whether you are from the East or from the West or from the North or the
South, you will experience joy in 2015. Other nations will say ‘how did
they do it.’ It will be indescribable joy. The nations of the earth will
testify. I bring good tidings...

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